M. Cathleen Kaveny

Stories by M. Cathleen Kaveny

Clashes of conscience

Should American lawmakers refuse to give government funding to those who object to the current moral consensus on controversial issues, … Continued

Being True to God’s Call (Not Man’s)

Does religion empower women? It certainly can. Countless women throughout history have found strength and sustenance in dealing with great … Continued

Canon Law and Jesus Christ

Let’s start with applicable law. The canon law of the Roman Catholic Church specifies that “Catholic ministers may lawfully administer … Continued

Greed is Not Good

The character Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street (1987) famously said “greed is good.” Christianity, however, has long considered … Continued

The Surprising Lessons of the Past

In the Western tradition, marriage has long been both a secular institution and a religious institution. Furthermore, the degree to … Continued