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Hollywood’s depiction of nuns a case of ‘Veiled Desires’

RNS () — From Julie Andrews’ performance as Maria in the 1965 film “The Sound of Music” to Meryl Streep’s … Continued

‘God is the best artist’ takes off on social media

RNS () —  Sunrises and sunsets are inspiring religious adoration of a digital sort. — “I think when God gets … Continued

PBS series ‘Life of Muhammad’ explores diverse opinions of prophet

RNS () — He’s born poor. By age 6, he’s an orphan. Two years later, he loses his grandfather. Yet … Continued

Orthodox Jews to observe July Fourth without music

The soundtrack for a lot of Orthodox Jews this Fourth of July will be the mute button. As music gallantly … Continued

Crucifixion images no longer command auction prices

Paintings and sculptures of what may be the most iconic scene in the history of art — the crucifixion of … Continued