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At the Opera, the Holocaust remembered

An interview with Philadelphia composer Janice Hamer on the opera’s evolution and meeting two Holocaust survivors.

Pope Francis stirs debate yet again with interview with an atheist Italian journalist

Pope Francis cranked up his charm offensive on the world outside the Vatican on Tuesday, saying in the second widely … Continued

Poll: Hispanics becoming less Catholic

A new poll finds that major changes in religious affiliation are underway among Hispanic Americans, who are becoming less Catholic … Continued

Pope Francis to announce date when popes John XXIII and John Paul II will be made saints

Pope Francis is expected Monday to announce the date when he will make saints of two of contemporary Catholicism’s most … Continued

Pope Francis identifies with regular Catholics

Pope Francis made a significant push Thursday toward his vision of a more pastoral, less doctrinaire Catholic Church, saying the … Continued

High holidays a juggling act of piety, politics for Jewish members of Congress

Being a Jewish member of Congress at Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur — the most sacred days of the Jewish … Continued

First Colbert, now memoir for “Nun on the Bus” Simone Campbell

If you were one of the many progressive Catholics elated last year by seeing progressive nun/ lobbyist Simone Campbell hit the … Continued

Zimmerman was “wrong,” says Southern Baptist Convention official

In sharp contrast to remarks made by his predecessor a year ago about the Trayvon Martin case, the new head … Continued

Religion is in trouble. The word, that is.

Religion is in trouble in the United States. The word, that is. Sociologists say that we are increasingly divided over … Continued

A conversation with a newly ordained Washington priest

Last weekend, Scott Holmer, a 33-year-old former high school English and religion teacher from McLean, was ordained as a Catholic … Continued

Comic Jim Gaffigan: the answer to the Catholic Church’s new outreach?

Is Jim Gaffigan technically employed by the Catholic Church? The thought occurred to me in a week during which I … Continued

Is comic Jim Gaffigan the Catholic Church’s newest evangelizer?

Is Jim Gaffigan technically employed by the Catholic Church? The thought occurred to me in a week during which I … Continued

A growing presence in the LGBT rights movement: The religious

Supporters of gay marriage react outside the James R. Browning United States Courthouse after a federal appeals court declared California’s … Continued

Religious groups OK with gay Scout ban for years now say no problem. What gives?

For years, the biggest faith groups in the Boy Scouts Mormons, Catholics and Methodists supported the organization’s ban on openly … Continued

Invisible this week as Boy Scout leaders vote whether to welcome openly gay Scouts: The Voters

With Boy Scout leaders preparing to vote Thursday on whether to accept openly gay Scouts, protesters on both sides are … Continued

Catholic Church sees “hopeful future” in the Boy Scouts, even if openly gay scouts allowed

Richard W. Rodriguez AP Scouts hold signs at the “Save Our Scouts” Prayer Vigil and Rally at the Boy Scouts … Continued

Meditation guru Tara Brach is calm eye of Washington’s storm

A tornado warning was in effect over Washington and the rain was coming down in sheets, but the little residential … Continued

Calling all free-range Jews

It’s official: Judaism isn’t a religion. Or, it isn’t only a religion.  That’s the argument of some leading Jewish educators, … Continued

Traditional Catholics key in on signs of pope’s worship style

Austin Lipari watched clips of Pope Francis’s inaugural Mass on Tuesday like a detective spotting clues. The music? Classic, but … Continued

Has the time come for a pope of color?

When Catholicism’s cardinals meet in the Sistine Chapel to select a new pope, they will be surrounded by an explosion … Continued