Mohammad Ali Salih

Since 1980, Mohammad Ali Salih has been a full-time correspondent for major newspapers and magazines in the Middle East.

Stories by Mohammad Ali Salih

Faith, as I faced death

By Mohammad Ali Salih A few weeks ago, my wife and I were safely pulled out of our car after … Continued

A Muslim Yom Kippur

What a Muslim learned about devotion to God by participating in Yom Kippur.

A Muslim Goes to Temple For His First Rosh Hashanah

I took a long sigh when the five-hour service at my local Jewish synagogue was over, but I learned a lot from it.

Missing Muslim countries’ Ramadan

By Mohammad Ali Salih For more than 30 years in Washington, DC, as a full-time correspondent for major Arabic newspapers … Continued

Ramadan and Christianity

By Mohammad Ali Salih For the last few years and whenever possible, at the beginning of every month, our small … Continued

Ramadan in a monastery

By Mohammad Ali Salih Almost every year since 9/11 attacks and the US declaration of the Global War on Terrorism … Continued

Homeless, not Heartless

Two things worried me one recent Thursday evening as I entered the United Methodist church in Burke, a suburb in … Continued