Nica Lalli

Nica Lalli is a writer, educator, and former PTA president. She lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Stories by Nica Lalli

Believing in Nothing Is Really Something

Why believing in nothing has not left a void in my life.

7 Ways to Think about Earthquakes and God

An atheist considers the options.

How to Say You Don’t Believe

Six tips for coming out of the closet as a “none” at your next family gathering.

This Land

President Obama acknowledged me in his first speech as president. He looked up from the podium on the steps of … Continued

An Atheist at the Home Run Derby

I have always wondered at the intersection between baseball and religion. Many players point up to the heavens when they … Continued

Merry Something

Last week I got another dozen Christmas catalogs. Or should I say holiday catalogs? In recent years there has been … Continued