Nicholas T. Wright

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God calls nations to special roles

Washington Post political reporter Karen Tumulty wrote Monday about the growing use of the idea of “American exceptionalism” by political … Continued

Failed church and state

Q: Was the Utah attorney general wrong to use Twitter, or religious language, to describe an execution? With all our … Continued

Secular fundamentalism

Q: What is the obligation of a Western, democratic government to protect individual freedoms in light of a realistic terrorist … Continued

Separation of church and paganism

Q:If a church or other religious organization receives government funding, should it follow all government rules, including those against discrimination … Continued

Even Jesus was accused of blasphemy

Q: Atheists are others are protesting a new law in Ireland, under which a person can be found guilty of … Continued

Preparing for a ‘good death

Q: Does end-of-life care prolong life or does it prolong suffering? Should it be a part of health-care reform? We … Continued

Common Cup or Common Liability?

Q: Polls show a majority of Americans are concerned about the H1N1 virus (swine flu), but also about the safety … Continued

Exhibit A: Jesus

Q:What makes the best ‘case for God’ to a skeptic or non-believer, an open-minded seeker, and to a person of … Continued

A View from Scotland’s Next-Door Neighbor

Scotland freed the terminally ill Lockerbie bomber last week so he could die at home in Libya. “Our beliefs dictate … Continued

Episcopal Church Chooses to “Walk Apart” from Anglican Communion

In the slow-moving train crash of international Anglicanism, a decision taken in California has finally brought a large coach off … Continued

The Desire for God and One Another

Why do so many American politicians — from Bill Clinton to Mark Sanford — use religious language when they make … Continued

A Temporary Solution at Best

New Hampshire became the sixth state to let gay couples wed. The new law was approved after revisions exempted members … Continued

“Forgive Us

At a Presbyterian conference recently I was reminded that a good slice of Protestantism still prays, day by day, ‘forgive … Continued

Don’t Wait

The longer President-elect Obama waits to go back to church, the harder it’ll be for himself and for the congregation. … Continued

Which Candidate Will Honor God’s Love

If an outsider (and hence non-voter) may comment… Many will take this question (‘is there a religious reason to vote … Continued

How to Exercise Power Humbly, Responsibly

I’d like to ask them how they see the early Christians’ critique of the Roman empire of the day in … Continued

Economy Built on Wishes and Wants

As someone with a close family member right at the heart of the current crisis — he is quite senior … Continued

Concerns About Her Judgment, Not Her Views

I am concerned, not about this candidate’s religious views (that particular political decisions might be in accordance with God’s will) … Continued

Let Women Lead and Let Church be Church

No, it isn’t hypocritical. There might well be perfectly coherent guidelines as to why a woman might lead in one … Continued

Trust God, Act Responsibly

Personal finances: trust God, ask the hard budgetary questions of yourself and your family, and make the tough decisions. Get … Continued