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We need frank conversations about 9-11 with Muslims

After 9/11 President Bush reminded Americans that the attack was the work of a few terrorists and not the Muslim … Continued

Wisdom lacking on all sides in Ground Zero mosque affair

President Obama, after saying that building a mosque at Ground Zero fit our “commitment to religious freedom,” backtracked, saying he … Continued

Pray, give, don’t eat, and travel

In the memoir Eat, Pray, Love, writer Elizabeth Gilbert gives up her entire way of life to spend a year … Continued

Ramadan a time for spiritual conversion

The month of Ramadan begins Tuesday or Wednesday depending on what part of the world you are in, and what … Continued

Malaysia appoints first female sharia judges

This month two new judges began working in the Sharia courts of Malaysia — Rafidah Abdul Razak and Suraya Ramli. … Continued

Bigoted protests show ignorance and intolerance

This past winter, a friend of mine gave me eighteen Qurans to burn. They were, he said, a Russian translation … Continued

Fight Islamic extremism through integration

This week I got a report in my inbox about a group of young American Muslims who toured Washington D.C., … Continued

Compatibility more important than religion in marriage

Marriages would stand a far better chance with deep, meaningful compatibility, rather than a superficial, “we’re both of the same religion” compatibility.

France, Spain and Syria: To ban or not to ban the burqa?

This week France’s Parliament moved a step closer to a ban on covering one’s face in public; Spain moved to … Continued

How far away would be far enough?

A mosque near ground zero? The New York City community board endorsed the Cordoba House, a community center and mosque … Continued

Bangladesh rejects religious rule

Last week a Bangladeshi High Court ruled that all judgments and punishments outside of the legal system, including those made … Continued

Neurolaw, responsibility and religion

Imagine being a member of a jury. The defendant is accused of a horrible crime — the cold-blooded murder of … Continued

Many Muslims, many Islams in America

The season of Muslim conferences is in full swing. May saw the 37th Annual Convention of the Islamic Circle of … Continued

The morass that is Afghanistan

Q: In the wake of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal’s dismissal as chief commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, … Continued

Gaza, Israel, and a new way forward

Q: In a statement Monday, Vice President Biden said the U.S. is consulting with other nations “on new ways to … Continued

Abortion and Islamic thought

Q: Can you be a feminist and oppose abortion in all circumstances? Can you be a person of faith and … Continued

Religion should play no role in Supreme Court nomination

Q: If Elena Kagan is confirmed to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, the Supreme Court would for the first … Continued

The Pentagon’s duty to all faiths

Q: Did the Pentagon do the right thing by disinviting evangelist Franklin Graham from a National Day of Prayer event … Continued

Islam, sex and moderation

Q: Do your religious beliefs exalt or stigmatize sex (or both)? Is religion a useful tool for helping young people … Continued

Faith without social justice is hollow

Q:Fox News commentator Glenn Beck claims that faith-based calls for “social justice” are really ideological calls for “forced redistribution of … Continued