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With Sebelius invite, another blow to Georgetown’s Catholic identity

From left: Donald Wuerl/Post, Kathleen Sebelius/AP, John DeGioia/Post If Georgetown University wants to remain an authentically Catholic college, it must … Continued

Obama administration picks a fight with Catholics

The Obama administration has chosen to ignore the First Amendment and add insult to injury for Catholics whose schools, hospitals … Continued

Catholic girls gone wild?

By Patrick J. Reillypresident and founder, The Cardinal Newman Society It was not so long ago, when singer Billy Joel’s … Continued

Notre Dame’s Betrayal

By Patrick J. Reillypresident, Cardinal Newman Society In recent weeks, liberal pundits have rallied to the defense of the University … Continued

Catholic College Students Behaving Badly

The results of a new national survey of students at Catholic colleges and universities are dismal–that is, if one expects … Continued

What Now for Catholic Education?

When Pope Benedict XVI addressed Catholic educators at The Catholic University of America last Thursday, he did more than insist … Continued