Paul Asay

Paul Asay is an author, entertainment critic, and freelance writer who has written for The Washington Post, Christianity Today,, and The (Colorado Springs) Gazette. He writes about culture for PluggedIn and wrote the Batman book, "God on the Streets of Gotham" (Tyndale). Follow him on Twitter at @AsayPaul.

Stories by Paul Asay

How Captain America Is Practically Biblical

The super part of Steve Rogers might have come from a bottle, but the hero was already there.

The God in “Exodus” is Pint-Sized, Angry…and Biblical

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Why You Should Try a New Church This Sunday

The diversity of Christian expression indicates a real tension that emerges from dramatic theological differences.

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‘Man of Steel,’ man of God?

As the latest British actor to play an American superhero, Henry Cavill tries to jumpstart the cinematic Superman franchise with … Continued

Obama in Colorado: Reflecting on lives lost and on how Aurora, like Batman’s Dark Knight, will rise again

On July 22, President Barack Obama came to Aurora. He wasn’t here to make a speech or cut a ribbon … Continued

Batman tale, Aurora shooting reflect deeper morality tale

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