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Ex-Mormons aren’t ‘lazy or sinful,’ church leader Dieter Uchtdorf says

SALT LAKE CITY — It is wrong to assume that Mormons who leave the faith “have been offended or lazy … Continued

Writer sees growing gay acceptance among Mormons

RNS () — Jerry Argetsinger never felt a twinge of tension between being gay and being Mormon. Nobody talked about … Continued

Inside the Mormons’ elite Missionary Training Center

PROVO, Utah — The 35-acre campus is an island of young people, where teens and 20-somethings outnumber grown-ups by 10-to-1. … Continued

Heat poses challenge to Muslims fasting during Ramadan

SALT LAKE CITY — Every day. For a month. From sunup to sundown. No food. No water. No sweat? No, … Continued

Like father like son(s): Boys follow their father’s calling

In a centuries-old tradition, a young future deacon enters the Greek Orthodox sanctuary in Denver. The bishop blesses him in … Continued

Mormon missionaries to tap online tools

The LDS church is moving further into the digital age, unveiling plans to do less door-to-door missionary “tracting” and more … Continued

35 years later, some black Mormons see lingering prejudice

SALT LAKE CITY — June 8, 1978, was a sacred, momentous event — a revelation — that catapulted Mormonism into … Continued

Mormons say they’re OK with change in Scouts’ gay policy

SALT LAKE CITY — The compromise proposal from the Boy Scouts of America to allow gay youths — while continuing … Continued

Brigham Young and Jesus Christ would break the Mormons’ no-beard rule

SALT LAKE CITY — If they were alive today, nearly half the presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ of … Continued

12 myths about Mormonism that persist despite the’Mormon moment’

SALT LAKE CITY — As Americans cast their ballots and the clock ticks toward midnight in Mitt Romney’s quest for … Continued

Mormon blogger, facing excommunication, resigns from church

SALT LAKE CITY — Rather than wait for possible excommunication, Mormon blogger David Twede has resigned his membership in the … Continued

Disciplinary hearing delayed for Mormon blogger David Twede

SALT LAKE CITY — A Mormon blogger — accused of apostasy for writing critical web essays about Mormon history, temple … Continued

Some Mormons suggest fasting to help Romney’s campaign

SALT LAKE CITY — A number of Mormons seem to think that fellow believer Mitt Romney, now slumping in the … Continued

Mormon blogger faces excommunication over temples, not Romney

SALT LAKE CITY — A Mormon blogger who has written critical web essays about Mormon history, temple worship and contemporary … Continued

BYU students pushing for caffeinated sodas

SALT LAKE CITY — Caffeine-craving students at Brigham Young University are pushing the Mormon-owned school to change its stance on … Continued

How a Mormon scholar went from doubter to believer

As an 11-year-old boy, Don Bradley went looking for gold plates. After all, Mormon founder Joseph Smith said he was … Continued

It’s Official: Coke and Pepsi are OK for Mormons

SALT LAKE CITY — Maybe now, reporters, bloggers, outsiders and even many Mormons will accept that the Utah-based Church of … Continued

Mormon women seeking middle ground to greater equality

SALT LAKE CITY — For some Mormon feminists, there can be only one goal on the road to gender equality: … Continued

Mormons’ love-hate relationship with America

SALT LAKE CITY — As Americans celebrate the nation’s founding, some Mormons may outdo their neighbors in fireworks, fanfare and … Continued

Should gay Mormons marry women? Some say it’s an option

SALT LAKE CITY — In the summer of 2008, Sarah Irish Nicholson’s well-ordered Mormon life was unraveling, and she needed … Continued