Rachel Marie Stone

Rachel Marie Stone is the author of "Eat With Joy: Redeeming God’s Gift of Food" (IVP 2013), a Religion News Service blogger, and a regular contributor to Christianity Today’s Her.meneutics blog. Her writing has appeared in The Christian Century, Books and Culture, Relevant, The Huffington Post, and elsewhere in print and on the web.

Stories by Rachel Marie Stone

7 Reasons Thanksgiving Is Way Better than Christmas

Why we should be grateful for some holiday calm before the Christmas storm.

Bible-Based Defenders of Spanking Are Reading the Bible Wrong

The Bible’s instructions for corporal punishment are far worse than what spanking advocates imagine — but the ancient book is also pointing to an even better way.

What I Left Behind from My Childhood Faith

Why I’m grateful that I grew up believing the world was about to end.

Why Does the Web Make My Inner Bigot Come Out?

In person, I can be perfectly polite to people with whom I disagree. Why do I want to treat them with disdain online?

Thank You, Disney, for Awakening My Spirituality

How “Frozen,” Brené Brown, and a 12-step guide taught me to let it go.

The Birth Control Debate We Shouldn’t Be Having

Why access to birth control, including so-called “abortifacients,” is a health care issue.

Whose Fault Is it if You Don’t Like “The Fault in Our Stars”?

Perhaps there’s no accounting for taste, but how much value you get from a book depends on what you bring to it.

Cover girl power

Why Barbie is the ideal Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl.