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On Eid al-Adha, tradition gives way to online innovation

RNS () — Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere went online to buy live cows and goats for the traditional … Continued

Malaysian court: Only Muslims can use the word ‘Allah’

RNS () — A court in Muslim-majority Malaysia ruled Monday (Oct. 14) that only Muslims are permitted to use the … Continued

Bangladesh Parliament member sentenced to death for crimes against Hindus

RNS () — A court in Muslim-majority Bangladesh sentenced an Islamist member of Parliament to death for genocide and other … Continued

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws to require death sentence for false accusers

RNS () — Pakistan’s constitutionally mandated Council of Islamic Ideology told the government anyone who wrongly accuses a person of … Continued

Religious leaders denounce child marriage in joint video

RNS () — Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Muslim leaders are denouncing child marriage in a new audio-video broadcast for radio, … Continued

A rival to Miss World will crown a pious Muslim woman

RNS () — After hardline Islamists voiced opposition to the Miss World contest now being staged in Muslim-majority Indonesia, a … Continued

Abused Hindu goddesses recall violence against women

RNS () — A new public campaign in India uses powerful images of three Hindu goddesses with bruised faces to … Continued

Lamb of God banned from performing in Malaysia

RNS () — Muslim-majority Malaysia has canceled a performance by American heavy metal band Lamb of God because the group … Continued

Indonesian Muslim clerics: Cancel Miss World pageant

RNS () — Indonesian Muslim clerics are asking the government to cancel this month’s Miss World pageant because Islam prohibits … Continued

Physicians group blames government for Myanmar religious strife

RNS () — Buddhists are killing Muslims in Myanmar with impunity because the government failed to stop the attacks, New … Continued

Buddhists expelled from Malaysia for praying in Muslim hall

RNS () — The government of Malaysia expelled a group of Singaporean tourists for chanting Buddhist prayers inside an Islamic … Continued

New Muslim superhero is a Wonder Woman-like education warrior

RNS () — Pakistan’s new animated television series, “Burka Avenger,” features a female Muslim teacher disguised in a tight black … Continued

Pakistan TV show gives away babies at Ramadan

RNS () — A controversial Muslim scholar-turned-television-host has given away at least two abandoned babies during his live TV show … Continued

Buddhist monk blames Muslims for Myanmar bombing

Ashin Wirathu’s portrait appeared on the July 1 cover of Time magazine’s Asia edition, above the headline, “The Face of … Continued

Chinese Malay couple faces prison for posting photo of them eating pork

BANGKOK, Thailand — A non-Muslim Chinese couple who posted on Facebook a photo of themselves eating pork during the Islamic … Continued

Malaysian Muslims ask Vatican to recall envoy over use of “Allah”

BANGKOK, Thailand — The Vatican’s first envoy to Muslim-majority Malaysia should quit and go back to Rome, angry Malaysian Islamists … Continued

Thai university apologizes for banner featuring Adolf Hitler

BANGKOK — Thailand’s most prestigious university apologized to the Simon Wiesenthal Center on Monday (July 15) for allowing its campus … Continued

Thai government and Muslim guerrillas sign Ramadan cease fire accord

BANGKOK, Thailand — Buddhist-majority Thailand hopes its first “common understanding” with minority ethnic Malay Islamist guerrillas will create “a violence-free … Continued