Sally Quinn

Sally Quinn is the founding editor of OnFaith.

Stories by Sally Quinn

Our Pastor’s Keeper

Much has been made in the past week about the words of the Rev. Jeremiah A.Wright, Jr., Barack Obama’s former … Continued

What Was Silda Spitzer Thinking?

Once, just once, wouldn’t you love to see the politician up there at the lectern sweating bullets, apologizing for letting … Continued

Jesus of Siberia

This past July, Kevin Sullivan, the Washington Post London correspondent, went to Siberia, 2,000 miles from Moscow, to interview a … Continued

Romney’s Un-American Double Standard

‘Freedom requires religion, just as religion requires freedom” Whose quote is that? If you guessed Osama Bin Laden you are … Continued

Looking for a Cause? Help a Child.

It’s the babies who make me cry. Even now, 25 years after my own newborn was at Children’s National Medical … Continued

On Faith and Other Divine Impulses

When Jon Meacham and I first started this Web site a year ago this week, we had no idea how … Continued

Faith on the Front Lines

Today is Veterans Day. I grew up an Army brat. After Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July, the … Continued

A Mother’s Grief, Belief and Blessing

Justin Peterson was my son Quinn’s closest friend. Quinn is learning disabled and Justin was assigned to be his Teaching … Continued

Seeking and Finding What Matters

Someone asked me about 10 years ago what I would like written on my epitaph. I responded immediately without even … Continued

Seeking and Finding What Really Matters

Someone asked me about 10 years ago what I would like written on my epitaph. I responded immediately without even … Continued

Eroticism and celibacy in Hinduism

“There has always been tension in Hinduism between sexuality and celibacy,” said Sudhir Kakar, a noted Indian psychoanalyst who also … Continued

With A Loving God, Gender Equality Reigns

Several years ago a friend asked me and a number of her other friends to write essays on what it … Continued

A Labyrinth and A Way Out

Some years ago, I went to a health spa in California. I was exhausted and depressed from caring for a … Continued

There Is No Right or Wrong Way

Believing in God is not a choice. Either you do or you don’t or you struggle with it. That does … Continued

Up in Smoke And Down The Hatch

This Christmas as I set the table, I will lay a piece of holly at every place. After we finish … Continued

What My Son Taught Me About God

My son Quinn, 24, believes in God. I did not know this until yesterday when I talked with him for … Continued

Saying Grace

I am sitting here looking at a beautiful picture of my family. My husband and son, my parents, my brother … Continued

About Sally Quinn

“When two people relate to each other authentically and humanly, God is the electricity that surges between them.”