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I Believe in Israeli Culture

Sixty percent of the music in my iTunes library is Israeli. From time to time I’ll listen to an American … Continued

On Israel in Gaza

I generally don’t like blogging about the Middle East, but current events don’t leave me much choice. I spent last … Continued

My Vote for Barack Obamawitz

Last May I found myself sitting in my aunt’s basement south of Tel Aviv facing a barrage of pointed questions … Continued

Friday Night Surprise

Friday night, after services and dinner at Hillel, I went with my friend to see Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, … Continued

In Between

Last weekend I stayed with a Catholic friend in the tiny town of Watertown, Wisconsin. On Sunday her parents took … Continued

My Pilgrimage to Milwaukee

Recently I went on a pilgrimage. No, I am not talking about my trip to Israel in May. I didn’t … Continued

Interfaith Family Lessons

On the first day of my selective summer internship in Jewish studies, the seven participants went around the room to … Continued

In Between in Israel

Everywhere I go in Israel, it seems, people are trying to figure out me and my other English-speaking friends. Taxi … Continued

Spicing up the Relationship

My relationship with God has been sort of distant lately. I have always liked Him, but we only really got … Continued

Easy in U.S. to Pass Over the Rules

Judaism is hard. As I begin the eight days of breadlessness that is Passover, I am reminded of this. Ours … Continued

Intermarriage as a Jew

When I was home over winter break, I rented the movie “Knocked Up” to watch with my mom. It’s the … Continued

Secret Handshakes

I have been a campus tour guide at Boston University for four-and-a-half semesters and one full summer. That adds up … Continued

Jews and Geography, or “No, I’m Not From New York”

One finding of the recent Pew study on the American religious landscape that did not surprise me was that the … Continued

Identity Crisis

This week the Pew Forum came out with a study of the American religious landscape. As soon as I saw … Continued

Missionaries: I’ll Pass, Thanks.

The leaders of Conservative Judaism, the movement that I grew up in and still affiliate with, currently have their knickers … Continued

Good for the Jews

Last week I voted in my first presidential primary, in Massachusetts. My mom and step-dad voted too. Each of us … Continued

Hijabs in the Dressing Room

Entering the dressing room of a Turkish bath in Istanbul this past August, I was interested to see dignified hijab-wearing … Continued

Lessons from Time Travel

I have a particular affinity for time travel movies. And I don’t mean the ones where adventurers go 10,000 years … Continued


I did it again. This Sunday I once more ventured out into the Christian megachurch world of my southern hometown, … Continued

Home Sweet Synagogue

I haven’t spent a lot of time at home since I went away to college. One week here, a few … Continued