Stories by starhawk

On Halloween, the past and future live

Children play behind a pumpkin carved and lit for Halloween, on October 30, 2013 in Monterey Park, California. “What is … Continued

Summer Solstice, embracing change

(AP Photo/Dan Joling) Once again, the wheel of the year turns and brings us around to Solstice, the longest day … Continued

May Winter Solstice mark a shift in consciousness, a change in worldview

AP People soak up the sun after its rise at the ancient stone circle of Stonehenge, in southern England, as … Continued

Halloween in the wake of storms

EPA Siblings Rowin and Leticia are dressed as a vampire and a witch before they attend a Halloween party in … Continued

Summer Solstice: On the first day of summer, finding balance

View Photo Gallery: Wednesday marks the summer solstice for the northern hemisphere, the day with the longest period of sunlight, and … Continued

At Samhain, Halloween’s deeper promise

Mario Armas AP A cemetery filled with candles and flowers for Day of the Dead covers a hillside as people … Continued

Dancing on the Grave of the Enemy

Dancing on the grave of the enemy–a human impulse, perhaps, but not one that we want to encourage if our … Continued

Out of darkness, light: Solstice and the lunar eclipse

Winter Solstice–the shortest day and longest night of the year. For Pagans, Wiccans and Goddess worshippers, this is one of … Continued

The rich benefit from society and should give back

A deal President Obama struck with Republican leaders last week will extend tax cuts across the board including, controversially, to … Continued

Voting is a moral and spiritual act

Pope Benedict XVI and Catholic Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke both recently characterized voting as a moral act with spiritual consequences. The … Continued

Real witchcraft deserves respect –not O’Donnell’s dabbling

Whatever Christine O’Donnell may have dabbled in, it wasn’t Witchcraft. As someone who is openly and publicly a Witch myself … Continued

We all must speak out to counter anti-Muslim prejudice

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, terrorism analyst Evan Kohlmann said that anti-Muslim rhetoric in America is bad news … Continued

In Afghanistan–Continued Occupation is Immoral

Q: In the wake of Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal’s dismissal as chief commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan, … Continued

The oil spill and the soul of nature

“I am the soul of nature, who gives life to the universe,” Goddess liturgy written by Doreen Valiente. You don’t … Continued

A moral path toward Gaza

Q: In a statement Monday, Vice President Biden said the U.S. is consulting with other nations “on new ways to … Continued

A woman’s sacred right to choose

Can you be a feminist and oppose abortion in all circumstances? Can you be a person of faith and support … Continued

Sexuality and Paganism

Q:Do your religious beliefs exalt or stigmatize sex (or both)? Is religion a useful tool for helping young people navigate … Continued

Pagans and social justice

Q:Fox News commentator Glenn Beck claims that faith-based calls for “social justice” are really ideological calls for “forced redistribution of … Continued

When pagans get our rights, everyone benefits

In his recent guest column for On Faith, Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress states that “the decision by Air Force Academy … Continued

We need a different measure of strength

Q: Is there such a thing as a ‘just war’? In his Nobel speech, was President Obama right to speak … Continued