Stories by starhawk

Climate change, the moral imperative of our age

In response to Sarah Palin’s recent claims that climate change is based on “junk science and doomsday scare tactics pushed … Continued

Pagans and end-of-life care

Q: Does end-of-life care prolong life or does it prolong suffering? Should it be a part of health-care reform? For … Continued

The True Spirit of Halloween, for Real Witches

Halloween is here again. Pumpkins deck our porches and Witches in pointy hats swoop across the walls of classrooms and … Continued

Goodness and the Goddess

Q: Is there good without God? Can people be good without God? How can people be good, in the moral … Continued

Swine Flu, Health Care Decisions and Morality

Q: Polls show a majority of Americans are concerned about the H1N1 virus (swine flu), but also about the safety … Continued

An Epidemic of Bullying

We have entered what columnist Kathleen Parker calls “a political era of uninhibited belligerence,” that is finding expression in sermons, … Continued

Weapons in the Circle?

Some New York-area rabbis are planning to bring weapons to High Holy Day services this month to guard against terrorist … Continued

What to Teach Our Children About Religion

The Texas Board of Education, the nation’s second largest purchaser of public school textbooks, is revising its K-12 social studies … Continued

On Compassion and the Release of the Lockerbie Bomber

Compassion is always preferable to non-compassion, because when we exercise compassion we grow in our humanity. When we insist on … Continued

Health Care and Goddess-based Morality

Health-care reform is an economic, political and medical issue. But On Faith panelist and evangelical leader Jim Wallis says it’s … Continued

Separate the Civil and the Sacred

What is marriage? Is it a sacred rite or a civil right? What role, if any, should religious institutions, traditions … Continued

Obama’s Speech Made Us Safer

On Thursday, President Obama made his speech to the Arab world in Cairo, a speech that did what he does … Continued

Tiller’s Muder an Act of Terror Against Women

On the day that Dr. George Tiller was murdered at his church by a right-wing anti-abortionist, I was teaching a … Continued

Witches Abhor Torture

The UN Convention Against Torture states that torture should be abolished because it violates “human dignity.” From your perspective, what … Continued

Better Question: Why Does Evil Exist?

Does Satan Exist? Contrary to popular belief, Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, Druids and all our kin do not believe in Satan. … Continued

Faith in the Goddess is Growing

Is America losing faith? Not, apparently, faith in the Goddess, as Wicca and Paganism seem to be growing while everything … Continued

Stem Cells and Morality: A Pagan’s View

Wiccans, Pagans and practitioners of Goddess religion have no organized authority to pronounce on moral issues. We are forced to … Continued

Define “Responsible”

What’s irresponsible? Am I ‘responsible’ because we bought our home in 1985 when prices were still somewhat within the bounds … Continued

U.S. Must Earn Respect With Consistent Values

What must happen for us to move forward together with the Muslim world, with mutual respect? The first step is … Continued

Killing Children in Gaza and Israel

Here’s a simple premise upon which people of good will agree: Killing children is wrong. Perhaps that seems far too … Continued