Stories by starhawk

Think Global, Act Global on Climate Change

I’m sitting in the apse of the Cathedral at Uppsala, Sweden. It’s high, solid stone walls arch over my head, … Continued

Compassion Begins with Mother Earth

Earth based spirituality covers such a wide spectrum of diverse religions and spiritual traditions, from indigenous traditions to modern NeoPagansim. … Continued

We All Earned the Puppy

On election night, after Barack Obama made his acceptance speech, I was filled with too much excitement and elation to … Continued

A Witch’s Halloween

Halloween has become secularized, but for Witches, it is still a special and sacred time.

Pagan Values and Politics

Earth-based Pagan religions hold that the earth and the environment is sacred, and that it is our prime duty to … Continued

The Goddess Empowers Women

Does religion empower women? Here’s my story: I first encountered the Goddess religion when I was seventeen years old, in … Continued

Reject the Politics of Hate

In the normal course of events, I’m a pro-anger kind of a gal. I came up through the feminist ranks … Continued

Judging Character They Have, Not Characters They Know

Should a candidate be judged by the company she or he keeps? Hey, I’m straying off my own turf here … Continued

Will You Defend My Constitutional Rights?

It so happens that I have some burning questions to ask Sarah Palin. The internet is buzzing with information and … Continued

Abortion and the Goddess

There’s no more personal choice a woman can face than what to do about an unplanned pregnancy. Often this debate … Continued

An Economy of Interconnection

Is the economy a moral issue? The heart of Pagan morality is the understanding that we are all interconnected, all … Continued

God On Our Side

Whenever I hear someone say, “God is on my side,” I think, “Yep! Just another argument for polytheism.” Because, hey, … Continued

At the Republican National Convention–New Moon Ritual

This is how magic works: We are gathered on sacred ground overlooking the Mississippi to celebrate the new moon and … Continued

Bad Moon Waning

How I would love to advise the candidates on religion! I believe I’m eminently qualified as a political strategist, on … Continued

Sex, Forgiveness and Politicians

I’ve been listening to the news for the past few days as Edwards’ affair is chewed over endlessly, asking myself … Continued

Take a Stand on Climate Change

Here’s my question for both candidates: Recently, major climate change scientist Jim Hanson has warned that the tipping point for … Continued

The Chaplain’s Role

The role of the chaplaincy in the military should be, first, to offer religious services, support and counseling to members … Continued

The Paranormal and the “Normal”

One religion’s mystic truth is another religion’s silly superstition. But I would say the real question is not why so … Continued

A Sacred Choice and a Civil Right

Let’s face it, love is tough. Finding someone to love, who will love you back…it’s the favorite subject of hit … Continued

Nonviolence Still the Way

Martin Luther King has had a huge impact on my life. I was still a child during the height of … Continued