Stories by starhawk

Denied Entry Into Israel

On the outskirts of Ben Gurion International Airport there is a jail where those who are denied entry into Israel … Continued

Two Legs of the Monster

The Question: Which “ism” is more entrenched in America, sexism or racism? Which should religion address? Which ‘ism’ is more … Continued

Religious Rights for Pagan Prisoners

Patrick McCollum doesn’t look like a Pagan. Although he does wear a large pentacle, he dresses conservatively in dark slacks … Continued

Obama Casting a Good and Needed Spell

“I’m asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to make real change in Washington…I’m asking you to believe … Continued

Whose God? My Pagan Gods?

It’s all very well to propose amending the Constitution to be in line with ‘God’s standards’—the question is always, which … Continued

A Pagan’s Christmas Resolution

Would I vote for a resolution affirming the importance and contributions of Christmas and Christianity? As my readers may have … Continued

Let’s Celebrate All Deities

Britain’s equality chief might think it’s time to put Christ in the center of public celebrations, but Britain is a … Continued

Sex Scandals: The Pagan Perspective

To Pagans, sexuality is sacred, for it holds within it the possibility of deep, loving, ecstatic connection to the great … Continued

Forgiveness and Learning

When harm is being done, our prime concern should be to stop it. Until that is done, forgiveness is not … Continued

Torture Is Never Justified

Torture is never justified. Torture dehumanizes the torturers, even more than the victims, and demoralizes the society that condones and … Continued

Children’s Health Care: A Prime Moral Imperative

Our spiritual tradition sees the sacred as The Goddess, the Great Mother of all, and there can be no greater … Continued

Consider Both Halloweens

Perhaps our thinking about Halloween would be clearer if we recognized that there are really two Halloweens. There’s the Pagan … Continued

The Real Meaning of Halloween

The Real Meaning of Halloween By Starhawk Ghosts and goblins, witches on broomsticks, pumpkins, candy and spiderwebs…it’s that time of … Continued

Pagans Embrace Science

From a Pagan point of view, there’s no contradiction between religion and science. Our Goddess is immanent in the earth … Continued

Starhawk’s Fall/Winter Schedule

Starhawk’s Fall/Winter Schedule: * The Spiral Dance — October 27, San Francisco * Samhain ritual — October 28, Sebastopol * … Continued

A Pagan View of Death

One of my earliest memories is watching a Sunday morning religious show when I was about four years old. When … Continued

Time to Become Pre-Emptive Peacemakers

On this tragic anniversary, I’d like to remind us all that whether we say God or Goddess, him or her, … Continued

Pagan Chaplains and Public Servants

I’m cheering for my Pagan sisters and brothers who are demonstrating on this Fourth of July for the right to … Continued

No Morality in Continuing an Immoral War

The U.S. left the track of morality when we invaded Iraq. Our thin excuse of ‘pre-emptive’ war fell apart when … Continued

Faith During Wartime

How do I keep my faith during wartime? I’m not sure how I’d keep my faith if my country were … Continued