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Starhawk’s Summer Schedule

Starhawk’s Summer Schedule—June-August The Short Version: Friday, June 8 Louisville, Kentucky pre-conference workshop: “Earth as Teacher, Earth as Healer” Friday-Sunday, … Continued

Religion is a Human Construct

Religion is a human construct—the set of images, beliefs, stories, ethics and explanations we use to wrap our human minds … Continued

Blessed by the Goddess

My life is strangely split. In my personal life, I’ve been incredibly fortunate. I’m able to do work that I … Continued

Conditions for Forgiveness

I’m not sure if the Pagan tradition as a whole has a position on forgiveness. But my personal view of … Continued

Pagans, Witches and Media

The mass media has rarely treated Witches and Pagans fairly. We are still seen as either scary, evil and demonic, … Continued

Discrimination Against Pagans

When my youngest stepdaughter was ten, she was warned by her mother not to be too open, in school, about … Continued

Four Years Ago Today

Four Years Ago Today March 16, 2007 Four years ago today, I was in Nablus in the Occupied Territories of … Continued

Can I Design the Lesson Plan on Wiccan?

Should religion be taught in School? Which religion? And who decides? Do we institute a state religion in the U.S.? … Continued

The Goddess Blesses All Forms of Love

As Pagans, we think sex is a good thing. The Goddess blesses all forms of love. Gay, straight, bisexual, queer, … Continued

To Be A True Friend of the Jewish People

I can think of nothing more unfaithful to the strong Jewish traditions of social justice than the current climate of … Continued

Goddess Tradition Sees Sexuality as Sacred

In the Goddess traditions, we see sexuality as sacred because we see the Goddess as immanent—embodied—in the world, as the … Continued

Climate Change: A Moral Imperative to Act

For Pagans, of course, for whom nature is sacred, climate change is an extremely vital concern. Our Goddess is embodied … Continued

Starhawk’s February Appearances

Tuesday, February 6 Swarthmore, Pennsylvania supper and talk “Dreaming the Dark”: Activist and author Starhawk plunges into mass protest movements … Continued

On Prayer at Brigid

Feb. 1 is Brigid Eve, the beginning of one of the major festivals of the year for Witches, sacred to … Continued

Campaigns Need Values, Not Media Images

The values that we draw from our religions are certainly part of any political campaign. But we could certainly do … Continued

Women and the Goddess

Women have not faired well under most religions for the last five thousand years or so. But let’s take the … Continued

Our Goddess Weeps At Our Wars

The war in Iraq is a disaster on every level, moral, spiritually, humanitarian, military. Trying to improve the situation by … Continued


When I was fifteen, during my Hebrew High School summer in Israel, we were coming back from a trip one … Continued

U.S. Founded on Religious Freedom Not One Faith

As a Pagan who was raised Jewish, I’m obviously going to answer, ‘No!” The U.S. is a pluralistic nation, founded … Continued

Different Religions Like Different Paths Through the Forest

In my household, we’re all Pagans, but we come from very different backgrounds and religions of origin, and we probably … Continued