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More news, fun extras and links to Wuerl’s elevation to cardinal

By William Wan Can’t get enough of the Washington Archdiocese’ Donald W. Wuerl, as he and 23 other bishops were … Continued

With election results in, debate over religious factor begins

By William Wan In the big day after, experts across Washington – including many in the religious world — are … Continued

Vatican issues new sex abuse rules; still too weak, victims say

By William Wan The long-anticipated new rules on sex abuse were issued by the Vatican this morning. In the days … Continued

For Presbyterians, a new leader and more controversy

By William Wan Some news over the weekend coming out of the Presbyterian conference meeting in Minneapolis: they’ve chosen a … Continued

Story takes critical look at Pope’s early role in abuse crisis

By William Wan Talk in the Catholic world today will no doubt focus on a New York Times story published … Continued

Seventh-day Adventists elect new president

By William Wan The big news coming out of the Adventists’ conference that’s been going on this week down in … Continued

Obama names Cook religious freedom ambassador

By William Wan and Michelle Boorstein This post has been updated. The White House just announced that they’re filling the … Continued

Study looks at media coverage of Catholic sex abuse scandal

By William Wan After months of church officials questioning, even attacking at times, the media for its coverage of the … Continued

Trust in clergy lower after sex abuse crisis

By William Wan After a bruising year for the Catholic Church, a new survey shows that trust in clergy has … Continued

Muslim store gets heat for selling al-Aulaqi sermons

By William Wan A Halal store in the Washington D.C. suburbs is getting heat for selling CD sermons by Muslim … Continued

Is God an Orlando Magic fan?

By William Wan If you watched all the way to the end of last night’s dramatic overtime game when the … Continued

Muslim soldier says he is being transferred from Fort Hood

By William Wan The day after a Muslim soldier accused Fort Hood of failing to address discrimination against him, his … Continued

Majority support National Day of Prayer

By William Wan As the heated arguments and countdown to Thursday’s National Day of Prayer continue, a new poll shows … Continued

Clergy sex abuse: The movie

By William Wan As the clerical abuse scandal continues to spread across Europe and South America, this Interesting tidbit came … Continued

Post hosts town hall on religion & media Tuesday night

By William Wan The Washington Post is hosting a town hall meeting Tuesday night on how the Post and the … Continued

First gay Episcopal bishop joining DC think tank

Just wanted to post something quick after seeing this announcement that Bishop V. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop … Continued

Q&A with World Vision president

By William Wan Among the 25 members of the President Obama’s Faith Council in town this week to pass on … Continued

Second ex-Catholic Charities officer criticizing health-care cut

By William Wan Capping off a week of controversy at Catholic Charities, a second high-ranking former executive sent a statement … Continued

People want more religion news coverage (now a statistically proven fact)

By William Wan There’s no way to post this item without seeming a little self-serving, but news is news. According … Continued

Former Catholic charities officer criticizes health-care cut

By William Wan The former chief operating officer of Catholic Charities has sent a letter to the organization, calling for … Continued