Abu Ghraib

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‘The Hunger Games’ and movie morality

Young adult readers have propelled “The Hunger Games” trilogy of novels by Suzanne Collins into bestseller stardom. The new film, … Continued

Peace on earth? The end of the Iraq war

SHANNON STAPLETON REUTERS A child gives the peace sign inside the Al-Zawraa Amusement Park in Baghdad December 2, 2011. The … Continued

Soliders of conscience

By Ken SehestedBaptist Peace Fellowship of North America The Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, now synonymous both with the torture … Continued

Faithful objection to military action

By Valerie Elverton Dixonfounder JustPeaceTheory.com When is it justice for a member of the military to refuse orders? Is selective … Continued

What Islamists and Islamaphobes don’t want you to know

By Alex Kronemerfilm producer The Fort Hood tragedy has become a renewed occasion for many self-appointed spokespersons, hostile critics, experts, … Continued

Our moral duty to Afghanistan

By Muqtedar KhanDirector of Islamic Studies, University of Delaware On November 5, I had the privilege of testifying to the … Continued

Disarmament Begins With Ourselves

Q: Reacting in part to recent missile tests by Iran and North Korea, President Obama and a unanimous UN Security … Continued

Satan’s Last Gasp

Satan is losing the battle for people’s minds. This is a clear trend, and it’s been mounting for a long … Continued

Bush’s Tortured Morality

It may seem contradictory to many that President Bush thinks America’s moral standing in the world has not been harmed … Continued

Don’t Overreact!

Terrorists count on their targets to overreact. Terrorism is designed to provoke outrage and calls for reprisals. Don’t fall for … Continued

The Economics of Sin and Virtue

Money lies closer to people’s souls than they like to admit. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. destroyed other men’s fortunes as … Continued

Greed is the Sickness of Runaway Wanting.

“Greed is good,” said a prominent American capitalist not long before the present series of greedy bubble-bursts, beginning with Enron. … Continued

The Public Nature of the Human Soul

The Question: In his speech to U.S. bishops last week, Pope Benedict XVI said: “Any tendency to treat religion as … Continued

Benedict a Man of Conviction, Contradiction

Thinking back on last week with the Pope it struck me that he was, like the words in the old … Continued

Torture: Finally, A Real Values Issue

Never. Torture cannot be justified, nor can parsings of the meaning of torture, such as the evasions about waterboarding before … Continued

Theists, Atheists Fighting Torture Together?

As a Humanist, I technically don’t identify as “religious.” But I was proud to join the National Religious Campaign Against … Continued

How Much Pain is “Severe”?

Let’s start with you. If you twist your arm slowly, soon it will begin to hurt, and the pain will … Continued

Torture Is Never Justified

Torture is never justified. Torture dehumanizes the torturers, even more than the victims, and demoralizes the society that condones and … Continued

The Moral Cost of Torture

A few weeks ago, I posted on this subject of torture for the God’s Politics blog on beliefnet.com. I began … Continued

Why Halloween is No Fun Anymore

Halloween is no fun for me anymore. I just can’t bring myself to make fun of ghosts and goblins and … Continued