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As BC graduates, Catholicism is alive and well on campus

Cardinal Sean O’Malley celebrates Mass in Rome. Domenico Stinellis / AP Catholicism is alive and well at Boston College. For … Continued

Professor says he was fired from Atlanta seminary over evangelical beliefs

A professor who was fired in July by the Interdenominational Theological Center says the Atlanta consortium of black seminaries discriminated … Continued

Tennessee’s science law: Academic freedom or monkey business?

AP Evangelist T.T. Martin’s books against the theory of evolution are sold at an outdoor stand in Dayton, Tenn., 1925, … Continued

On family planning, does the Catholic Church represent Catholics?

Riccardo De Luca AP Pope Benedict XVI leaves after an audience in the Paul VI Hall, at the Vatican, Saturday, … Continued

Christmas skirmishes and the war for American history

By David French This article is part of a series for the Patheos Holiday Monitor, which tracks the War on … Continued

Pew’s religion survey: an attempt to understand faith

By Alan Cooperman (Editor’s note: This post is a response to Jacques Berlinerblau’s critique of the Pew religion survey, which … Continued

Whose history is it anyway?

History empowers and history emasculates. History, like art, is beautiful or odious to the beholder. There are winners and losers … Continued

Going McCarthy

Today’s guest blogger is Abed Z. Bhuyan. Abed is a graduate of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service where … Continued

Obama and Notre Dame: Profiles in Courage

What did you think of President Obama’s commencement speech Sunday at Notre Dame? How will the Notre Dame controversy change … Continued

Memo to Bishops: Most Catholics Aren’t Listening

THIS CATHOLIC’S VIEW By Thomas J. Reese, S.J. During the 2008 presidential campaign, there was a steady drumbeat of opposition … Continued

Controlling the Catholic Brand

For about a decade and a half, there have been no Conservative Catholics in America. Looking at the media during … Continued

Missing Links in Darwin Day Poll

A new poll just in time for Darwin’s 200th birthday (Feb. 12) claims that even liberals support the idea that … Continued

Is Palin a Closet Evolutionist?

The same day Sarah Palin told Katie Couric that “science should be taught in science class,” a group of scientists … Continued

Fear of God and Darwin

Visit a public school biology class in Alabama today, and you may likely find a sticker on the textbook disclaiming … Continued

Why Theology is Not Catechism

People cite the Catholic catechism as if its formulations settle all theological reflection. If the faith is to stay relevant … Continued

Spinning the Pope

Television spins everything: so do newspapers and commentators. This basic fact of American life carried over to the just concluded … Continued

Benedict a Man of Conviction, Contradiction

Thinking back on last week with the Pope it struck me that he was, like the words in the old … Continued

What Now for Catholic Education?

When Pope Benedict XVI addressed Catholic educators at The Catholic University of America last Thursday, he did more than insist … Continued

Pope Can Speak; Church Must Act

The Question: What can Pope Benedict XVI say and do to repair the growing rifts between the Vatican, the clergy … Continued

Hafsa’s Links

Interfaith Youth CoreClinton Global Initiative – Interaction Youth Exchange Student Interfaith Scholars at DePaul University Post the Proof Trailer – … Continued