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Mr. Carter’s Own Interpretations

Former president Jimmy Carter and other world leaders issued this statement: “The justification of discrimination against women and girls on … Continued

McCain, Obama, Palin: Judgment, Not Guilt By Association, Is The Issue

This is an extremely complicated question and has much more to do with judgment than with faith or even with … Continued

Palin’s Profound Experience

Before I tell you about Sarah Palin, let me tell you about the woman I was lucky enough to marry. … Continued

My Three Catholic Wishes

The Question: What can Pope Benedict XVI say and do to repair the growing rifts between the Vatican, the clergy … Continued

King Was Killed Speaking Truth to Power

The Question: The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated 40 years ago. What are your memories of that … Continued

In Sickness and In Health

Is it a mark of the health or sickness of American religion that so many Americans have switched their religious … Continued

Four Thousand Years and Counting

For a Christian, I had a partly Jewish upbringing. My father, a civil engineer, worked for a construction company that … Continued