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Quiet Reflection vs. Holiday Hustle: The Tension of Creating Christmas

Santa is not the only pretend part of Christmas.  

Photos: Activists Hold Mass at the Barrier Blocking Bethlehem

See the ongoing vigil at the Israeli separation barrier that threatens to cut off a West Bank Catholic community.

Why Christians Should Pay Attention to the Torture Report

Three ways forward for Christian communities.

Why I Started Advent in a “Black Lives Matter” Shirt

If all lives, black lives included, matter to Jesus, I want them to matter to me.

5 Reasons to Celebrate Advent

Rather than rushing into Christmas, take time to observe the season of Advent.

It’s Time to Get Off of Your Electronic Leash

Advent gives us the opportunity to really understand our need for moments of separation.

Your Pain Is My Pain

This Advent, let us be an extension of the God who is “with us” to those facing adversity.

Writhing in Pain and Yearning for Advent

Advent is our time to long, to yearn, and to groan those guttural “groans that words cannot express.”

Eighth Day: On Peace

What Jesus wants us to do primarily, it seems, is to love those right in front of our noses. Including the one in the mirror.

Fifth Day: The Spirituality of Kissing Elvis

“God isn’t a whiskered old man” she said. “He’s alive and can be experienced in things that move us to feel love or beauty. That’s why we use the arts as a form of prayer, and then try to share those prayers with other people.”

Life After De-Santafication

Maybe the story of Santa is an innocent, sweet fable we tell our children. Or maybe Santa, in his endless gluttony, is a reflection of us.