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Agnostics Anonymous

My religious transformation was difficult, but I’m grateful to know both sides of the spiritual coin.

Atheist or Agnostic — and Does it Matter?

The divisions within the nontheistic community are almost entirely rhetorical.

Losing God and Discovering Prayer

Whether invoking one god, many gods, or no god, prayer is about silencing the chatter and finding truth.

Tony Campolo to His Humanist Son: “I Leave Judgments in the Hands of God”

Bart Campolo, the son of a famous evangelical leader, is now the humanist chaplain at the University of Southern California.

The Fight for Non-Religious Liberty

Five things you should know about discrimination faced by atheists and agnostics.

Fundamentalist Arguments Against Fundamentalism

The all-or-nothing approach to the Bible used by skeptics and fundamentalists alike is flawed.

If a Pastor Loses Faith — Resign First

Part 26 of the OnFaith Forum “Disbelief in the Pulpit.”

Inaugural Prayerfest No Godsend

Secular Americans hope that Obama’s religious inauguration will not set the tone for his presidency

For Secular Americans, Lip Service Beats No Service

Secular Americans are deterred by candidates using religious right as a form of political force

What To Do With a B.A. in Theology?

I have found that while we are told not to talk religion in polite company, the polite company is desperate to talk religion.