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Imagine the Right’s Religion

The religious right wants to own the table, determine what goes on it and force-feed everyone the same gruel they consume.

U.S. Military, Open Your Doors to Sikhs

AP A sparrow braves an Indian Air Force honor guard standing at attention for a review by visiting Myanmar Army … Continued

‘Tis the season … to attack Christian faith

It is the holidays – a time for friends and family to gather to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving – and … Continued

When pagans get our rights, everyone benefits

In his recent guest column for On Faith, Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress states that “the decision by Air Force Academy … Continued

Air Force’s pagan mistake

By Robert JeffressPastor First Baptist Church of Dallas Several weeks ago, Christian leaders, including myself, denounced televangelist Pat Robertson for … Continued

Pro-life and pro-choice should applaud Tebow

By Chad Henningsauthor, former NFL player We, as a nation, are crying out for transparency and authenticity. We want our … Continued

Gunning for the First Amendment

By Mikey Weinsteinfounder and president, Military Religious Freedom Foundation The Constitution won a battle last week, and Lady Liberty is … Continued

Should Hasan be court-martialed?

By Mikey Weinsteinpresident, Military Religious Freedom Foundation We are learning more each day about Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, the man … Continued

Too Many Crusaders in U.S. Uniforms

By Mikey Weinsteinpresident, Military Religious Freedom Foundation Imagine a theocratic militia imposing its will on whoever it encounters; forcing its … Continued

The Army Fights “With God on Our Side”

Speaking realistically, patriotism can’t be divorced from religion. Every war is fought with God on our side — on both … Continued

Yes, There Are Atheists (And Religious Minorities) In Foxholes

The whole controversy about the role of religion in the military is much more complicated than the spat over prayer … Continued

Chaplains Serve Soldiers

Chaplains are in the military to serve the spiritual needs of our service men and women. They are not imposed … Continued

God Cannot Be Forced

When I first saw the question for this week, I got angry at the ACLU. I could not understand why … Continued

The New Evangelicalism: “Not to Attack or Exclude”

The strikingly new note in the Evangelical Manifesto is that it intends to be conciliatory. In affirming that they totally … Continued