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Affordable Care Act ruling promises religious fights for the forseeable future

Mark Wilson GETTY IMAGES Health-care law opponents and proponents gatherin front of he U.S. Supreme Court, on June 28, 2012 … Continued

Debunking Kirk Cameron’s Christianity

Since, I was too old to obsess over Mike Seaver, I never got caught up in the whole Kirk Cameron … Continued

Another brick in the wall of separation?

By David Waters A California public school district is refusing the place on a new school campus six bricks inscribed … Continued

Christmas skirmishes and the war for American history

By David French This article is part of a series for the Patheos Holiday Monitor, which tracks the War on … Continued

Pulpit fiction

By David Waters Dozens of defiant Christian ministers across the country defied IRS warnings and turned their sermons into partisan … Continued

One judge and Christian right throw stem cell research into chaos

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of and the tremendous damage to American scientific research inflicted last week by … Continued

Public charter schools culturally divisive, academically dubious

A federal district court judge in Idaho dealt a significant blow to the religious right last week by ruling that … Continued

Judging Amanda

By David Waters If you’ve ever wondered why conservative evangelical Christians seem so concerned about the dangers of government intervention … Continued

Hate Crimes and Scare Tactics

By Jacqueline L. Salmon The rhetoric is hot and heavy around the federal “hate crimes” bill, expected to be re-introduced … Continued

Limbaugh’s Unrighteous Hold on Christian Right

By Robert ParhamExecutive Director, Baptist Center for Ethics Rush Limbaugh told what he thought was a joke to a cheering … Continued

Freedom from Pulpit Freedom Sunday

The Alliance Defense Fund, a tax-exempt consortium of Christian/Protestant conservative lawyers orchestrated Pulpit Freedom Sunday for this September 28th when … Continued

Who Should Pay for Pulpit Politics?

Here’s hoping the IRS doesn’t take the bait and go after the handful of preachers who stood at their pulpits … Continued

“A Mass Violation of Federal Tax Law”

Yesterday, the Alliance Defense Fund staged its highly anticipated and controversial “Pulpit Freedom Sunday.” Last night, I spoke by phone … Continued

Pulpit Initiative About Freedom, not Politics

The purpose of the Alliance Defense Fund’s Pulpit Initiative is to restore the right of pastors to speak freely from … Continued

The Christian Right and the IRS

On September 28th the socially conservative Alliance Defense Fund is going to goad, stoke and provoke a federal agency that … Continued