Amazing Grace

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Guess That’s Why We Sing Amazing Grace

A beat-up Cutlass rolls toward the psych ward with two strippers in the front and a roller rink DJ-turned-therapist at the wheel.

Church Invitation: An Atheist on American Anglicans and Amazing Grace

What will an atheist find when he attends services at a conservative Christian church in South Carolina?

Prayer Breakfast filled with unscripted moments

In a town where just about everything is scripted, the sight of the president, vice-president and members of Congress singing … Continued

What is the 9/11 Unity Walk?

As a lifelong interfaith junkie, I remember attending an interesting annual event a few years ago called the 9/11 Unity … Continued

From fearing Islam to loving Muslims

Bob Roberts was converted in Afghanistan. That’s a long way from deep East Texas where he grew up. The Afghan … Continued

Christians rallying for Halloween sanity

Happy Halloween — or not, depending on whether you believe Linus’s favorite holiday is the work of the devil: “The … Continued

The flunking of religion

Speaking to a meeting of Hasidic Jewish leaders on Sunday, New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino said, “I don’t … Continued

Bishop quotes Bush to quell Islamophobia

By David Waters The United Methodist bishop in Nashville has turned to fellow Methodist and former President George W. Bush … Continued

Glenn Beck’s generic God

Fox News host Glenn Beck muddled biblical references with fragments of American history, recreating a pottage of civil religion that … Continued

Shirley Sherrod: Racial healing and God’s amazing grace

By: Gustav Niebuhr The story of how Shirley Sherrod briefly lost a job at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and … Continued

The executioner’s tweet

Q: Was the Utah attorney general wrong to use Twitter, or religious language, to describe an execution? With all our … Continued

Stanford standing united

Today’s guest bloggers are Ansaf Kareem and Anand Venkatkrishnan. Ansaf Kareem is a senior at Stanford University, majoring in Political … Continued

Christian majority’s special responsibility

As a fellow Christian, I resonate with Brit Hume’s desire to give a verbal witness to his faith. I love … Continued

Bono’s Prophetic Rock Concert

JUST LAW AND RELIGION Michael Kessler U2’s 360 tour came to the DC region Tuesday–complete with a 164-foot tall spaceship … Continued

Michael Vick’s Redemption, and Ours

By Michael Brunerreligion professor, Azusa Pacific University The improbable journey on the road to redemption for Michael Vick, from NFL … Continued

Broken Vows

When Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, was introduced as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate of 2008, there was an announcement … Continued

Healing Before Empowering

Christianity is good for both men and women, even when it does not empower us. Americans often carry the illusion … Continued

Got Acedia? Who Cares?

Acedia is not a household word, unless your “house” happens to be a monastery or a department of medieval literature. … Continued

Sally Quinn: Mouse in the Tabernacle

At the funeral Mass last month for her Washington friend, the newscaster Tim Russert, Sally Quinn took Holy Communion. But … Continued

How McCain Can Close the God Gap

In the 72 hours since I laid out the first 5 of 12 steps that could help rejuvenate John McCain’s … Continued