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Catholic bishop stumps for the GOP. Why?

(TONY GENTILE/REUTERS ) Catholic bishops have their party affiliations just like other Americans. Bishops also have the right to be … Continued

What faith means for famlies

What’s happening to American religion? Recent reports emphasize new threats, from The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life’s publication … Continued

U.S. Military, Open Your Doors to Sikhs

AP A sparrow braves an Indian Air Force honor guard standing at attention for a review by visiting Myanmar Army … Continued

Hoping Muslims in Murfreesboro will enjoy some of Ramadan in their new mosque

AP A Muslim boy looks up as members of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro pray on the first day of … Continued

Scrooged: Why the 21st century now looks like the 19th

MGM Home Entertainment MGM HOME ENTERTAINMENT Alastair Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge in ‘A Christmas Carol.’ The 21st century is becoming … Continued

Responding to Richard Cizik’s attack on social conservatives

My old friend Rich Cizik has built his stereotypical right-wing straw man and then burned him with righteous unction. This … Continued

Confucius and the ‘Tiger mom:’ Is Chua’s home “a school of compassion”?

Amy Chua, shown here in 2007, is an author and self-proclaimed Tiger Mother. She sparked a fierce debate in parenting … Continued

Peace, love & Lennon

In an age when heroes are routinely deconstructed and where human frailty is celebrated with more vigor than virtue, it’s … Continued

Many charter schools continue to defy church-state separation

More than 1.5 million American children now attend charter schools, thanks to a movement asserting that whatever is wrong with … Continued

Nuremberg: Its lessons for today

I recently spent part of a beautiful autumn Sunday in New York watching a dark (in every sense of the … Continued

Atheists know more about religion than the religious

Why is anyone surprised at the findings of a new survey of American religious knowledge, released last week by the … Continued

The burden of being a young American Muslim

By Hailey Woldt A group of children leaving a Bridgeport, Connecticut mosque last week, as reported by the Connecticut Post, … Continued

Dorothy Height, history and our story

I absolutely love the words found in the Book of Deuteronomy that admonish or advise the Hebrew people to be … Continued

Haiti’s children and an overdose of Christian charity

I have always been troubled by the exaltation of paternalistic charity in general and Christian charity in particular, since the … Continued

Palin, Prejean and Pre-Marital Ambivalence

Unwed, single, teenage mom Bristol Palin was being lauded on talk shows Wednesday — National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy … Continued

A New “Declaration of Independence” in Religion and Politics

The New American Religious Identification Survey says fewer people are calling themselves Christians or identifying with particular denominations, and more … Continued

What I’d Ask the Pope

If Ratzinger is not asked at every stop he makes, and in level yet firm tones, why he and the … Continued