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Is the GOP about to have an (Asian American) evangelical problem?

Few Americans know that Asian Americans voted largely in favor of Obama when he ran against McCain in 2008. Little … Continued

O Jerusalem, Jerusalem: Romney, Israel and the future of peace

Charles Dharapak AP Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney places a prayer note as he visits the … Continued

How Romney should talk about religion

Michael Conroy AP Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney waves after speaking at the National Rifle Association convention … Continued

Pat Robertson says legalize marijuana: Do other evangelicals agree?

TV evangelist Pat Robertson’s latest comments in favor of marijuana legalization don’t seem likely to be met with a huge … Continued

Rick Perry: ‘As a Christian . . . I stand with Israel’

Mary Altaffer AP The Texas governor and Republican presidential candidate spoke in New York on Tuesday during a press conference … Continued

When a “Christian America” Meant Something Else

John American evangelicals, who have long understood the United States as a thoroughly Christian nation, once interpreted the consequences … Continued

Morocco: it’s complicated

The rapid-fire events in Tunisia and Egypt have caught people everywhere by surprise. That’s especially true in the neighborhood (North … Continued

The Eschatology of Politics

By Scot McKnightNorth Park University; Blogger, Somewhere between 6pm and 8pm, Central Time, on November 2d, 2010, the eschatology … Continued

President Bush meets Pastor Bonhoeffer (in 600 pages!)

By Gustav Niebuhr How many Americans, over their first cup of coffee of the day, ask themselves, “I wonder what … Continued

The fine line between persuasion and manipulation

Q: Is there a problem with proselytism overseas by U.S. religious groups? Isn’t sharing one’s faith part of religious freedom? … Continued

Pentecostalism’s most effective translator

We called them “holy rollers.” Just about everybody did. But in the evangelical household of my childhood, Pentecostals like Oral … Continued

Evangelical (over)reaction to Hasan

By David Waters A number of news sites are reporting that an influential conservative Christian organization, the American Family Association … Continued

Rick Warren’s Islamic Overture

No sooner had the Indianapolis Star broken the story over the weekend about mega-church pastor Rick Warren speaking at the … Continued

Same-Sex Unions: 3rd Rail of Evangelical Politics

Richard Cizik’s resignation as chief lobbyist for the National Association of Evangelicals on Thursday shows how difficult it will continue … Continued

An African View of the Palin Video

I just again watched the video clip of Sarah Palin being prayed for by the Kenyan preacher, Pastor Muthee, and … Continued

Reasonable Evangelicals

An Evangelical Christian is a follower of the teachings of Jesus. They live within a knowledge tradition marked by a … Continued

Evangelicals Reach Out

A terrible question now stalks this land: Who will step forward to lead America forward out of the bitterness and … Continued

Looking for Authority and Respect

Archbishop Christodoulos and Gordon Hinckley were both church leaders who commanded enormous respect. Both were members of denominations that are … Continued

Embracing Evangelicals

Many of my secular liberal friends think Evangelicals are a little like snakes: Not all of them are poisonous, but … Continued

Politics Pushes Uneven Policies

Well that’s complicated. The chief motivator for American foreign policy in the Middle East is clearly geo-political, with a large … Continued