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Muslim democracies: A new kind of political system?

ANDRE PAIN EPA Egyptian protesters perform the Friday noon prayer, during a protest marking the second anniversary of the Egyptian … Continued

A call for storytelling to make us human to one another

REUTERS Sikhs hold up placards with photos of six mass shooting victims after a candlelight vigil in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, … Continued

U.S. Military, Open Your Doors to Sikhs

AP A sparrow braves an Indian Air Force honor guard standing at attention for a review by visiting Myanmar Army … Continued

The Christian case for Mormon values

With former Utah governor Jon Huntsman and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney both believed to be gearing up for a … Continued

Marriage will decline until “we” overtakes “I”

A new survey out this week from the National Marriage Project shows that marriage is an institution in decline in … Continued

The emerging American Muslim civic identity

The recent spate of high-profile news on Muslim-Americans can be summed up easily: horror and terror. From Faisal Shahzad to … Continued

A culture of illegality taints all immigrants

Q: Illegal immigrants are flouting U.S. laws, but does affluent America (or Arizona for that matter) have a larger moral … Continued

Muslims in America: A celebration

By Abed Z. Bhuyanteacher “Talent, like love, is only useful in its expenditure.” This quote from Dr. Martin Luther King … Continued

A More Faithful Way to Talk About Marriage

What is marriage? Is it a sacred rite or a civil right? What role, if any, should religious institutions, traditions … Continued

Our Judeo-Christian-Islamic Tradition

By Robert Parhamexecutive director, Baptist Center for Ethics The last place one would expect to meet the father of Jesus … Continued

America on Her Knees; Her Greatest Posture

Thursday is National Day of Prayer, as mandated by Congress. What should President Obama do? Should he follow tradition and … Continued

Hate Crimes are Message Crimes

By Steve Gutow, Michel Kinnamon and Sayyid M. Syeed The American experience of a pluralistic democracy is unique in the … Continued

In God We Trust

President Obama will take the oath of office on a Bible as is customary. There will be prayers at the … Continued

John Ashcroft Speaks, I Listen

A couple nights ago, I sat in a sea of fellow Holy Cross Crusaders, listening to former U.S. Attorney General … Continued

Memo to White America: Respect African American Preaching

We are at a national crossroads on race. There is a way forward out of this current mess and that … Continued

Parsley, Islam, McCain and 21st Century Rasputins

Jeremiah Wright and Obama, Parsley, Hagee and McCain, Rasputin and Nicholas II (via Tsaritsa Alexandra), Thomas More and Henry VIII; … Continued

My Memories of the Day, the Man

In responding to the question about my memories on the day Dr. Martin Luther King was killed in Memphis, Tennessee, … Continued

Race, Sex, and Religion: A Personal Perspective

As a Caucasian male, I am reticent to wade into this deep end of the pool. However, my personal impressions, … Continued

America’s Dirty Laundry: Racism and Sexism

Sexism and racism are as American as apple pie. Both existed in the formation of our nation and 232 years … Continued

Losing My Religion, American Style

How are we to interpret the Pew survey that more than a quarter of adult Americans have left the faith … Continued