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Carey: ‘Search For Common Ground is a light in a dark world but the light it gives is hope’

I first came into contact with John and Susan Collin Marks, the visionary leadership of Search for Common Ground some … Continued

Israel a model (of sorts) on gays in the military

By Michele Chabin JERUSALEM (RNS) Israel, like the United States, is a largely secular society with deep religious roots. And … Continued

Immigration reform: A Jewish imperative

Today’s guest blogger is Avi Smolen, a 2009 graduate of Rutgers University. Last year Avi worked as a Faiths Act … Continued

Obama’s faith-based initiative still on shaky First Amendment ground

In a widely publicized speech in July 2008, candidate Barack Obama pledged that “if you get a federal grant, you … Continued

Signs of peace in the Holy Land

By David Rosen American Jewish Committee JERUSALEM – The scene was stunning. At the Druze shrine of NebiShueib, against the … Continued

Need for a Muslim-Jewish alliance

Today’s guest blogger is Joshua M.Z. Stanton, co-editor of the Journal of Inter-Religious Dialogue™ and a rabbinical student at Hebrew … Continued

Obama Meets with Jewish Leaders

By William Wan President Obama met with top Jewish leaders in the U.S. this afternoon to assuage them about his … Continued

Speaking Truth to the UN Human Rights Council

By Ira Rifkinauthor, journalist In 1984, Wendy’s introduced a TV commercial that featured three elderly women lifting the top half … Continued

Jewish Reaction to Pope Disproportionate

The official Jewish response to Pope Benedict XVI recent decision to reach out to the St. Pious X Society and … Continued

US Jews, Muslims Need New Playbook

The Council of Islamic Relations calls the Israeli attack on Gaza a “disproportionate and counterproductive … massacre”. Its homepage features … Continued

Religious Freedom at Guantanamo

Baptists, Catholics, Mainline Protestants, Seventh-day Adventists and Jews rarely agree on anything, but representatives of all of those groups are … Continued

Madrid: Meeting with Muslims and Many Others

The Madrid Global Interfaith Dialogue: A Report by Rabbi Arthur Waskow and Rabbi Phyllis Berman * MADRID, SPAIN (Saturday night, … Continued

It’s almost Talmudic!

Politicians have a long history of garbling the message when they get in front of the camera. Like this. Or … Continued

Blame the Individual, Not the Faith

Last year, I spoke on a panel called “Charting the Future” at a conference of the American Jewish Committee. I … Continued

Disagree With Me And You’re a Bad Jew

Can you be a “good Jew” and not support every action taken by the Israeli government? You might as well … Continued