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Church and state in France and the United States

Translated from the French by Jacques Berlinerblau A sociological approach to political secularism would define it according to its four … Continued

American atheists must define themselves, not be defined by the religious

I am sorry to tell you that this will be my last regular “Spirited Atheist” column, and I want to … Continued

Bloomberg takes stand on church v. state

Carol Guzy THE WASHINGTON POST NEW YORK NY – SEPTEMBER 11: New York marks the 10th anniversary of the World … Continued

Time to ditch the label “politically correct”

As an early new year’s resolution, I am vowing to retire the term “politically correct” from my writing. We all … Continued

Unreason infects atheism (too) in the culture of American rage

For me, one of the worst aspects of America’s week of rage over the ashes of 9/11 was the commentary … Continued

Summer reading for infidels

You may have noticed that the forces of religion are falling into a summer torpor. Even the Vatican is taking … Continued

Fourth of July Honor Roll: Champions of American Secularism

The founders were not atheists.

American atheists irreligiously united, politically divided

In the United States, largely as a result of the relatively recent, post-1980 alliance between the political and religious right, … Continued

Atheism and the silly goodness competition

The objection most frequently raised by defenders of faith to atheism and atheists is that there can be no morality … Continued

About Susan Jacoby

Susan Jacoby, a regular On Faith panelist, is the author of nine books, including the bestselling “The Age of American … Continued

Just as easy (and hard) to be good (and bad) without God

Q: Is there good without God? Can people be good without God? How can people be good, in the moral … Continued

Catholic America as Secular Model

Secularism is often considered the result of atheism, but history disproves that myth. American Secularism is a form of public … Continued

Top Faith & Values Stories of 2008 (vol. 2)

Picking up where we left off yesterday, here are the most important Faith and Values stories of 2008: 5. The … Continued

For Secular Americans, Lip Service Beats No Service

Secular Americans are deterred by candidates using religious right as a form of political force

McCain Wins with Home Field Advantage

The hands-down winner of Saturday evening’s Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency was John McCain. The loser was American secularism. … Continued

FAQs About Obama’s Faith-Based Foray

This past Saturday Senator Barack Obama was at it again. During an address at African Methodist Episcopal Church in St. … Continued

Headscarves and Skullcaps

This is the first of two stories I will tell in the coming weeks about Muslim headscarves. Both illustrate the … Continued

On the Loss of Privacy

That the 2008 campaign is drawing attention to the declining fortunes of American secularism is a point I have been … Continued

Freedom from Religion

The following remarks were delivered at the opening of a debate which will be aired on PBS over the next … Continued

The Secular Taboo: Response to Panelists

Over the past three years I have been making a variety of arguments about American secularism, nearly all of which … Continued