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Not all Republicans are Islamophobes but …

STAN HONDA AFP/GETTY IMAGES Convention Permanent Chairman Speaker John Boehner faces a sea of Mitt Romney supporters on Aug. 28, … Continued

Rick Santorum: ‘More Catholic than a conservative’?

View Photo Gallery: Scenes of religious faith meeting politics in the 2012 campaign. What does it mean to be a Catholic … Continued

Just in time for Christmas: Kinder, gentler anti-God campaigns?

By Becky Garrison As as an apophatic Anglican, who has more in common with spiritual atheists than Christian reconstructionists, I … Continued

Beck’s infusion of religion into civic life

By Becky Garrison Father James Martin, SJ reflects how one can find some underlying Christian reasons for confronting hypocrisy: “Remember … Continued

Faith-based fear in debates about Islam

By Becky Garrison Close to nine years after the attacks on September 11th, a gaping hole in Lower Manhattan where … Continued

Muslims are protected Americans

President Obama, after saying that building a mosque at Ground Zero fit our “commitment to religious freedom,” backtracked, saying he … Continued

One nation Under God and a lot of stress

By Alyce M. McKenzieProfessor of Homiletics Perkins School of Theology, and My 21-year-old son got home 3 days ago … Continued

Catholic bishops as culture warriors

By John GehringCatholics in Alliance for the Common Good Roman Catholic bishops have made big news recently by wielding significant … Continued

Defending Darwin’s science by taming social Darwinism

By Gregory Paulresearcher, author One hundred and fifty years after Charles Darwin’s world changing “On the Origin of the Species” … Continued

The Devil In Ms. And Mr. Jones

Of course Satan exists, and he/she looks like a combination of Ann Coulter and Dick Cheney, with Dick’s twisted mouth … Continued

Ann Coulter’s Anti-Muslim Name Calling

Now that Barack Obama is the official Democratic Party nominee for president, I hope Fox TV commentator Ann Coulter will … Continued

Barack, Thy Name is Biblical

Vilifying Barack Obama’s name has become a favorite blood sport in the 2008 presidential campaign. Recent examples range from repeated … Continued

Jesus for President

This week I was reading the newspaper when I saw something about Evangelicals heading a rally called “Jesus for President.” … Continued

In Defense of Secularism

In the public school I went to in the 1970s, “secular” was A neutral, descriptive word. Our social-studies teacher taught … Continued

Banishing the Green-Eyed Monster

“Is sex outside of marriage a sin? Is it a public matter? Is it forgivable?” No, of course sex outside … Continued

On ‘Perfecting’ the Jews

Imagine, if you will, a world in which the right-wing pundit Ann Coulter were not a grating opportunist who said … Continued