Bhagavad Gita

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Reading the Bhagavad Gita today

The Bhagavad Gita begins at a moment of extreme crisis. At the outset of this poetic dialogue of 700 numbered … Continued

A Jewish-Hindu connection

Not so long ago after nearly 25 years as a hidebound New Yorker I moved to Philadelphia for my wife … Continued

The rise of a new religious America

AP Democrat Colleen Hanabusa, right, congratulates candidate Tulsi Gabbard after both women won their Hawaii Congressional district seats on Nov. … Continued

In Conversation: Sikhism, Islam, and Hinduism

Sarah L. Voisin WASHINGTON POST Sikh supporters stand with photos and signs in remembrance for the Wisconsin Gurdwara shootings. The … Continued

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s call

Jacquelyn Martin AP Visitors gather at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial in Washington on Sunday, Jan. 15, 2012, for … Continued

Does nuclear power usurp the power of God?

The world is responding to the horrible devastation from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan with compassion and offers of … Continued

Diwali: Strengthening the Inner Light through Service

Deepavali literally means a row (avali) of lights (deepa) or Diwali. In essence it celebrates the awareness and eventual strengthening … Continued

Look beyond the realm of religions and denominations

In recent debates between tea party-endorsed Senate candidates and their Democratic opponents, faith has emerged as a campaign issue. Calling … Continued

God, Gravity, and the New Green Gospel

Last week, when physicist Stephen Hawking flung his gauntlet at the feet of the creator God in a press release … Continued

Hinduism and pluralism

By Padma KuppaInterfaith activist and contributor to ( has just launched a new eleven-week series on the Future of … Continued

Proselytizing as cultural imperialism

By Ramesh Raoprofessor, Longwood University Like many hundreds of millions of other Hindus, I also made sense of our world … Continued

Change the vocabulary of war

War–when the diplomatic arbitrators have failed and fundamental conflicts are unresolved–is, it seems, an eternal reality. War, indeed, contravenes every … Continued

When you stop believing — a Hindu view

Q: I’ve recently come to realize that I no longer believe in God. Does this make me a bad person? … Continued

Karma, Newton, good and evil

Q: Is there good without God? Can people be good without God? How can people be good, in the moral … Continued

Using Religion to Justify Violence is Always Wrong

My understanding of religion is that it can have no justification for violence of any kind — domestic or general. … Continued

All Beliefs Welcome, Unless They are Forced on Others

Belief in god, like getting pregnant, is a private matter between consenting adults (or one consenting adult and one or … Continued

Summer Reading for the Soul

The summer slowdown is now fully upon us. The beaches are crowded, the weather is steamy, and clothes are skimpy. … Continued

Murder on the Subcontinent

The heinous and high-profile assassination of Benazir Bhutto has overshadowed an equally dangerous cocktail of murder and election, religious identity … Continued

The Forest-Dweller Stage of Life

In the midst of the great city of Chicago, I live as a forest-dweller. Forest-dwelling is where I am now … Continued

Eroticism and celibacy in Hinduism

“There has always been tension in Hinduism between sexuality and celibacy,” said Sudhir Kakar, a noted Indian psychoanalyst who also … Continued