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6 Tips for Cultivating the Practice of Reading Scripture

The Bible is not a text to be mastered, but a Word intent on shaping our lives, on mastering us.

What Exactly Was the Star of Bethlehem?

Only one astronomical body matches Matthew’s description of the Star perfectly — a comet.

9 Ways Star Wars Parallels the Bible

The Death Star and pride? Luke Skywalker and Moses? Star Wars mirrors Scripture more than you think.

5 Things Evangelicals Get Wrong about Homosexuality

We evangelicals need to get beyond what we believe and pay attention to how we believe.

Who’s Really Demeaning the Bible, Anyway? A Q&A with Rob Bell

The estranged evangelical pastor on his critics, the Bible, and giving Jesus a fresh hearing.

Here’s What Jesus Says About Welcoming Refugees

When we don’t welcome the foreigner, Jesus takes it personally.

5 Christian Stereotypes That Need to Go

How can we stop being seen as judgmental, Bible-thumping, hypocrites?

The Difference Between Preaching and Teaching

Is teaching too heady? Preaching overly emotional? Is one better than the other?

How to Keep the Joy In Ministry

Three things pastors can do to avoid emotional, spiritual, relational, and physical burnout.

5 Spiritual Lessons I Learned Battling Breast Cancer . . . Twice

I resolved to surrender control and allow God to have His way — in and through two cancer diagnoses.

10 Scriptures to Read When You’re Living in Fear

It’s impossible to show the selfless love of Jesus when you’re overcome with fear.

Let’s Appreciate the Bible’s Contradictions

There’s much to be gained when we explore the quirks of sacred scripture.

5 Things Christians Pretend Jesus Said

We need to get rid of these manmade sayings that we try to attribute to Jesus.

7 Things I Learned While Working at a Megachurch

Megachurches are just as busted and fumbling as the rest of us — it’s why I love them.

Is There a Biblical Difference Between Happiness and Joy?

Modern distinctions between happiness and joy are counterintuitive — and unbiblical.

Why Evangelicals Should Care about Animals

As Christians we must apply our God-given right to rule creation to our daily choices.

Does Faith Require Work On My Part?

A look at how the Bible defines faith, how we know we have it, and why we often lack it.

8 Banned Books You Should Read

Banning “blasphemous” books shields deities, dogmas, and political demigods from criticism and scrutiny.

4 Ways We Get Masculinity Wrong

Our cultural ideas of manhood that vary significantly from biblical images of it.

5 Wicked Women of the Bible You Probably Don’t Know

You know the bad boys of the Bible, but there are plenty of wicked women, too.