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“Noah” Spurs Debate Pitting Art Vs. Bible

Where do evangelicals draw the line between artistic interpretation of the Bible and blatant disrespect?

Causing Little Ones to Stumble…into Bed

My research on alternative sex in America led me to rethink virginity.

Carl Sagan Took My Faith — and Gave Me Awe

A research coordinator for the new “Cosmos” recounts his Sagan-inspired journey away from religion.

Jesus Back on the Big Screen

Sally Quinn interviews producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett about their film “Son of God.”

Secret Sex Lives of the Bible Belt

Seven snapshots of sex therapy from a former therapist at a megachurch counseling center in the South.

My Problem With the Bible

Why wealthy, white American males have to work harder at reading the Bible right.

This is your Bible on drugs

The Bible doesn’t address marijuana use directly. But Christians engaging the issue are finding plenty of verses to support various positions on pot.

Pound Them in the Name of Jesus

New York Jets chaplain and former NHL player Adam Burt multitasks his way through ministry.

Gay and Loved by God

We worship a Jesus who constantly sought out and blessed those condemned by the religious and secular powers of his time.

God and the I.R.S: What the Bible can teach us about tax policy

Nowhere does the Bible say that one tax system is preferable to another, and to suggest that one kind of regime has divine sanction is irreverent.

Are Atheists Smarter and Humbler?

In a study of 63 individual studies, 53 showed less religiosity among the more intelligent participants.

Can Faith Prevent Teen Pregnancy?

It may surprise many parents and other adults to learn they are wrong — really wrong — about teens.

An atheist’s three favorite Bible stories

What do Christian fundamentalists and many atheists have in common? Both read the Bible as if it were meant to be taken literally. Here’s a better approach.

A New Earth Day Theology

God is judging our sin against the planet, and She is very, very angry about it.

Why men need marriage

Let’s put down the remote, set aside the porno, and see if maybe the Bible has any wisdom on marriage.

A non-believer’s guide to biblical economics

Jesus tells us to pay our fair share of taxes without grumbling, and that he favors class warfare. He is probably a socialist, and maybe even a communist.

Christianity’s Evolution Problem

What theological sense can Christians make of a natural world that operates on Darwinian principles?

Is it Disbelief or Just Different Beliefs?

Part 13 of the OnFaith Forum “Disbelief in the Pulpit.”

Pulpit Disbelief is Nothing New

Part seven of the OnFaith Forum “Disbelief in the Pulpit.”

Male Problem or Millennial Problem?

Using secular logic, not religious texts, to reach sound conclusions about women’s rights and other humanitarian issues.