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Apple’s tax ethics: Unpatriotic or shrewdness in action?

Tim Cook testifies on Capitol Hill. He said Apple and other companies aren’t bringing cash back to the United States … Continued

Record-setting heat wave, severe storms mark summer of 2012: Is this hell?

Mark Wilson GETTY IMAGES Storm cleanup continues as workers cut up a fallen tree so that power lines can be … Continued

Debt an economic disaster of biblical proportions

Melina Mara WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 6: (L-R) Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN), John Barrasso (R-WY), John Cornyn (R-TX), Jon Kyl … Continued

Eco-friendly Christian theme park confounds

When Answers in Genesis (AIG), a Christian ministry in northern Kentucky announced that it was going to build a new … Continued

Political lessons from a Buddhist monk

By Katherine Marshall Washingtonians will remember this ferocious August for its unusual and disconcerting heat – a merciless string of … Continued

Environmental apocalypse: fire and flood

Russia is on fire, and Pakistan is under water. Scientific studies have not convinced the climate change-deniers to act to … Continued

Sinking stewardship

By Matthew Sleethexecutive director, Blessed Earth This past Sunday, many thousands of gallons of oil spewed into the bottom of … Continued

In Haiti: First glimpse, massive and overwhelming

I was in Haiti less than a week after the earthquake. I went with Churches Helping Churches on a aid-delivering … Continued

Inside Haiti, after the quake

I was in Haiti less than a week after the earthquake. I went with Churches Helping Churches on a aid-delivering … Continued

A Republic in peril: the death of liberty

Q: The conservative Christian group Focus on the Family is sponsoring a pro-life ad, featuring football star Tim Tebow, during … Continued

Does God Hate Haiti?

Q: Many have criticized Pat Robertson’s suggestion that the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti was the work of the devil or … Continued

Giant ark on National Mall to protest climate talks

By William Wan If you pass the National Mall this week and see a gigantic boat-looking monstrosity being erected on … Continued

Obama: A Spiritual Symbol

Reading through this week’s On Faith entries, I was amazed to note the exultant tone of many panelists. The fighter … Continued

My Faith in America’s Promise

More than anything, the election of Senator Barack Obama says that America is tired of racism. America has struggled with … Continued

‘Focus’ Doesn’t Get the Joke

Who says right-wing evangelical Christians don’t have a sense of humor? Check out this David Letterman-esque bit from Focus on … Continued

Signs & Wonders: Bishops Walk the Talk

I can’t get my mind off this photograph. I saw it last week as I was rummaging through stories from … Continued