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New biography to present a less “zealous” Jesus

Jay Parini’s “Jesus” (Amazon) will be the first in a new series of biographies called “Icons,” starting in December. Last … Continued

‘How can a Muslim write about Jesus?’ The controversy over Reza Aslan’s ‘Zealot’

“You’re a Muslim, so why did you write a book about the founder of Christianity?” is the beginning question in … Continued

Why many Methodists still oppose same-sex marriage

Signs display messages about gay marriage in front of the Devon Park United Methodist Church polling site on Tuesday, May … Continued

Scholars piece together a ‘new’ New Testament

Is the New Testament missing a few books? In a move that may seem heretical to some Christians, a group … Continued

Article on’Jesus’ Wife’ papyrus delayed for more testing

The Harvard Theological Review is postponing publication of a major article on the papyrus fragment in which Jesus seems to … Continued

Tim Tebow and the second coming

There are a lot of fans out there who believe that Tim Tebow may be the Second Coming of Jesus … Continued

A veteran, professor and priest

Father Francis P. Duffy and the Fighting 69th With Veterans Day here, this week’s column features a priest whose statue … Continued

Google takes the Dead Sea Scrolls online

Lior Mizrahi GETTY IMAGES A part of the Isaiah Scroll, one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, is seen inside the … Continued

What Does the Bible Really Say About Homosexuality?

The first in a series of posts about homosexuality in the Bible.

Good heavens, and bad ones

Q:What is your vision of heaven? What images – from Scripture, tradition, culture or your personal experience – best describe … Continued

Welcome back to medieval times

The recently passed law in Ireland against blasphemy, which threatens $35,000 fines for any person who “publishes or utters matter … Continued

God’s Liberal (or Conservative) Bias

By David Waters In the beginning was the Wiki, and the Wiki was with God Jehovah Christ Allah, and the … Continued

Jesus Saves, Not the Bible

By Bart Ehrmanauthor, religion professor “Are you out to destroy the Christian religion?” I’ve been asked this question several times … Continued

Every Christian is a Priest to Each Other

As a Baptist, I embrace the great Reformation precepts — and, dare I say, Baptist (at our best) notions — … Continued

Don’t Try This at Home!

THE GOD VOTEBy Jacques Berlinerblau The publication of David Plotz’s snarky, bloggy, amusing Good Book has inspired my old ale-house … Continued

Christmas, Atheism and Humbug!

Every year at this time, the shadow of the Dickens’ character, Ebenezer Scrooge, casts “Humbug” over Christmas. Mr. Scrooge was … Continued

Splinter Episcopalians: Giving Gravitas to Trivia

Ari Goldman, the former religion reporter at The New York Times (and not coincidentally my favorite secular religion newspaper writer … Continued

Believers Can Be Reasonable

The “new atheist” attacks on religion agree on this much: Religion is toxic. Religion–all religion–is “dangerous,” assert Richard Dawkins in … Continued

Good Show, Poor Theology

The Saddleback Forum was good theater, but it was theologically naïve. The questions asked reflected an evangelical world view that … Continued

Prophet and Pastor

(Excerpted with permission from the Chronicle of Higher Education. Go here to read the entire essay.) Through the decades, the … Continued