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Hollywood looks to the Bible for screenplay potential

NEW YORK — Studios and filmmakers are rediscovering a classic text as source material for upcoming mainstream films: the Bible. … Continued

Mumford & Sons: Hootenanny for the soul

“Listen to the words,” the young woman behind me stage-whispered to her chatty date. “Are you listening?” He wasn’t. But … Continued

Interfaith clergy deliver loaves and fish to budget debate

RNS () — Surrounded by baskets of fish and bread, with the Capitol at their backs, clergy attacked the Republican … Continued

The ‘war on women’ meets social media

STR EPA An Indian woman holds a placard during a prayer meeting in memory of a gang-rape victim in New … Continued

At Passover, breadcrumb spirituality

It’s been fascinating being here — in the Jewish state — for Passover, or Pesach as it’s known here, one … Continued

Passover traditions reflect ethnic, regional customs

When most Jewish families sit down for the Passover seder on Friday (April 6), it’s a safe bet that they’ll … Continued

After Sept. 11, four tasks for religion

Ten years ago this weekend, a terror attack changed the world and changed America forever. It left Americans frightened and … Continued

Beyond this election: tears to wter the wellsprings of new life

Pope Benedict XVI and Catholic Cardinal-designate Raymond Burke both recently characterized voting as a moral act with spiritual consequences. The … Continued

Humanism’s Future Hinges on Secular Discourse

By Michael De DoraExecutive Director, Center for Inquiry New York, and Contributor to We live in a time when … Continued

The world, in our hands

The Biblical story has us starting out in a garden. As the Rabbis of the Talmud phrase it over two … Continued

In Haiti: Murder & Voodoo

I was in Haiti less than a week after the earthquake. I went with Churches Helping Churches on a aid-delivering … Continued

Avatar’s ecological and political faith

I urge that multi-religious groups together see and discuss the new film Avatar this month; learn with me by teleconference … Continued

Giving too much attention to baby Jesus

Q: Should the White House, whose residents serve all Americans, display a crèche or a menorah or any strictly religious … Continued

Dying A Natural Death: Sufficient Mercy For A Mass Murderer

Scotland freed the terminally ill Lockerbie bomber last week so he could die at home in Libya. “Our beliefs dictate … Continued

The Atmosphere – or Mere Atmospherics?

The effort to prevent climate disaster for Planet Earth is not going well. Why? For starters — Since the beginning … Continued

A Governor, a King, and the Tragedy of Adultery

Why do so many American politicians — from Bill Clinton to Mark Sanford — use religious language when they make … Continued

If Ruth Came to America

Learning from Shavuot & Pentecost: Can We Share Our Food? Can We Share Our Talk & Tongues? Can We Relearn … Continued

Autos, Plagues & Passover: Creating a New Freedom Seder

What do the Iraq War, the drowning of New Orleans, the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the great Australian drought, and … Continued

What Sacred Story Do You Turn To?

In my story “People of the Book,” three people — a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew — face a crisis … Continued

Secular Values Voters and the Presidential Debates

The first forum held between presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama took place in a megachurch. Today, they are … Continued