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What atheists can learn from the gay rights movement

I’m not gay. But I am jealous. How did homosexuality shift in public opinion from less respectable than atheism to … Continued

Why we stay Catholic

I wondered why I was still Catholic while reporting on the late-January release of clergy sex abuse documents in L.A. … Continued

In picking successor, Vatican must decide what’s needed in a 21st-century pope

For centuries, the job of a pope was a relatively manageable affair. Candidates were largely Italian, the flock Western. One … Continued

Did Glenn Beck just back gay marriage?

Mark Sterkel AP Should social conservatives push for the government to stop regulating marriage? Could Glenn Beck help shift America’s … Continued

Romney appeals to evangelicals through ‘Judeo-Christian’ values

Mitt Romney angered evangelicals during his first White House run in 2008 by blurring the theological lines between their faith … Continued

How to make atheism matter

If I were in charge of American atheism–which I am not, but then again who is?–I would ask myself the … Continued

Becoming all-American Muslims

It took Muslims a full three months to figure out a strategy to counter the campaign against Cordoba House, otherwise … Continued

Herb tea party

Delaware GOP Senate nominee Christine O’Donnell this weekend attended the annual conservative Values Voters summit in Washington, DC. There, she … Continued

The future of Islam in America

Dear readers: This post is part of a series on – The Future of Religion. You can read other … Continued

The future of the Evangelical church

By Scot McKnightprofessor, author, blogger, and contributor to Some are announcing the end of evangelicalism, like former evangelical and … Continued

National day of prayer confusion

JUST LAW AND RELIGION By Michael Kessler The 59th National Day of Prayer is scheduled for May 6. It is … Continued

Catholic bishops as culture warriors

By John GehringCatholics in Alliance for the Common Good Roman Catholic bishops have made big news recently by wielding significant … Continued

Vatican welcoming only the right?

This Catholic’s View By Thomas J. Reese, S.J. Pope Benedict’s latest initiative toward Anglicans who want to rejoin the Catholic … Continued

Benedict Undermining His Own Legacy

The lifting of the excommunication of Bishop Richard Williamson by Pope Benedict XVI caused a firestorm of protest from Jews … Continued

The Qur’an, the Constitution and the Legacy of W.D. Muhammad

Earlier this year, the Zaytuna Institute (American Islam’s only seminary) held an event at the Museum of Science and Industry … Continued

All Atheists Are Not Created Equal

“What do you think about all the progressive faith caucuses at the DNC this year?” That was the question I … Continued

Democrats and Bloggers Get Religion

At this Democratic National Convention, bloggers hang out in what is called “The Big Tent.” The Big Tent is an … Continued

Religion and Politics Can Mix

There were many winners at Sunday night’s Compassion Forum at Messiah College and no discernible losers as far as I … Continued

Secularism: The New Taboo

What secular ideas? The very word “secular” has been demonized and written out of America’s acceptable political vocabulary. The Republican … Continued

Arguing Identity: Race, Religion and Beyond

Buried in the typical bile on the comment board of my last column is an interesting thread about the nature … Continued