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With Supreme Court rulings, it gets (so much) better

The outgoing bishop of New Hampshire, Douglas E. Theuner, right, presents the incoming bishop, V. Gene Robinson, left, with a … Continued

Delaying equality for Boy Scouts

Tony Gutierrez AP Details of a Boy Scout uniform shown in front of the Boy Scouts of America headquarters Monday, … Continued

Louie Giglio’s comments on homosexuality in his own words

JEWEL SAMAD AFP/GETTY IMAGES Construction work continues for US President Barack Obama’s second inauguration at the Capitol Hill in Washington, … Continued

Mr. Cooper, welcome to the light

Kevin Winter GETTY IMAGES BEVERLY HILLS, CA – JUNE 23: CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper (R) and Oscar the Grouch appear … Continued

Rick Santorum to Piers Morgan: Believing ‘eternal truths’ on homosexuality is not ‘bigotry’

Former Pennsylvania Senator and GOP presidential Bruce Smith AP Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum leaves a speaking engagement in Charleston, … Continued

Inspiration: flipping the religion news stories of 2010

As voted by the Religion Newswriters Association’s members, among the year’s most consequential religion newsmakers were Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, … Continued

‘It gets better’ when we truly understand what Bible says about gays

By Bishop Gene Robinson There is so much wrong with Tony Perkins’ recent Guest Voices post, published by On Faith … Continued

Religions, not faith, lose ground in ’09

Q: What was the most important religion story of 2009? Any retrospective glance at a year’s worth of stories will … Continued

Religious Liberty and Gay Marriage: A Winning Strategy

New Hampshire became the sixth state to let gay couples wed. The new law was approved after revisions exempted members … Continued

Breaking Up the Moral Monopoly: Gay Marriage Passes in New Hampshire

This week New Hampshire became the sixth state to legalize gay marriage. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont and Iowa already allow … Continued

We Need a New Etiquette for Prayer in Public

We’ve entered a moment in our cultural and national history where we need to have a conversation about the etiquette … Continued

Obama Wants “God” in Oath

According to CNN, President-elect Obama has asked Chief Justice John Roberts to include the words “so help me God” in … Continued

Obamas Should Choose National Cathedral

Along with the speculation on what kind of puppy Sasha and Malia will choose, where the kids will go to … Continued

The Race for Pastor-in-Chief

Has this year’s presidential campaign become too religious you ask? Absolutely. Anyone watching the coverage of this election is likely … Continued

Communion by Invitation Only

The announcement this week that New Hampshire Bishop Gene Robinson will not be receiving an invitation to the 2008 Lambeth … Continued