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Celebrating AB1964, California’s New Religious Freedom Law

Source: California Assembly California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill providing workers in his state the nation’s strongest protections against … Continued

Defying Middle East autocrats

ISLAM AND THE WEST By Daniel Brumberg THE Islamic Republic of Iran is not about to implode. Nevertheless, the misguided … Continued

Obama: The end of endless war

“America has no interest in fighting an endless war in Afghanistan.” That is the line from President Obama’s speech on … Continued

The Church as Health Center

By Dr. Scott Morrispastor, physician, founder Church Health Center Everyone knows that health care is broken and that the status … Continued

Need for Catastrophic Health Assurance

By Galen CareyDirector of Government Affairs National Association of Evangelicals Earlier this year my wife was diagnosed with lung cancer. … Continued

Obama in Cairo: Promoting a Culture of Responsibility

ISLAM AND THE WEST By Daniel Brumberg It will not be enough for…Obama to…say… that he understands… and sympathizes with … Continued

Time to Embrace the Muslim World as a Partner, not an Enemy

A shift in U.S. foreign policy that embraces the Muslim world as a partner rather than an enemy is not … Continued

Memo to Obama: World’s Hope in Democracy

My Hanukkah Memo to President Elect Barack Obama: Dear President-elect Obama, Every Washington think-tank has its foreign policy wish list. … Continued

Forgiveness Requires Repentance

The Christian faith is a faith of forgiveness. Jesus tells us we are to forgive one another. And when asked … Continued

A Follower of Jesus by Any Other Name

Well, that’s fascinating. Of course, the word ‘Evangelical’ has a long history — people have written whole books about it … Continued

On the Civil Supremacy of Secular Law

I am tempted to ask whether the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has been sampling a bit too much communion … Continued

On the “Politics of God”

I have more confidence in Catholicism’s ability to dialog with Islam than in the opinions of a writer like Mark … Continued

To Escalate The War Now Is Criminal

That Jesus called us to non-violence and not to “just wars” is painfully clear. And the fact that Jesus said … Continued