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U.S. nuns strike a positive note on Vatican investigation

ORLANDO, Fla. — U.S. Catholic nuns — accused by Rome of “radical feminism” for advocating social justice at the expense … Continued

Aung San Suu Kyi, the Rohingya, and the Challenge of Faith

AP In this photo taken on Sept. 8, 2012, Muslims gather during a visit by a delegation of American diplomats … Continued

Sept. 11, 2001: Eleven years later, American Muslims are victims

AP Flags set on display by students at Norwich University in Northfield Vt. are seen on the upper parade ground … Continued

Family Research Council shooting: Time to change the conversation from demonizing to finding common ground

GETTY IMAGES Local and federal investigators work to gather evidence after an employee was shot in the arm at the … Continued

Christian witness for gays in Uganda

In the wake of a recent online campaign, millions of Americans now know the name of Ugandan Joseph Kony, whose … Continued

Osama Bin Laden anniversary: Torture apologists try again to justify the unjustifiable

Musadeq Sadeq AP This May 3, 2011 file photo shows Afghan newspapers in Kabul, Afghanistan headlining the killing of al-Qaida … Continued

In SXSW ‘homeless hotspots,’ have we lost our humanity?

So many homeless, and such a need in today’s society for fast Internet access–put them together and what have you … Continued

The state of anti-sharia bills

Earlier this month, before the furor over several proposed abortion bills threw Virginia into the national spotlight, another controversial bill … Continued

Women’s religious freedom violated: Photo of all male birth control witnesses tells the viral truth

Carolyn Kaster AP From left, Reverend William E. Lori, Roman Catholic Bishop of Bridgeport, Conn., Reverend Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, … Continued

Fear Dec 21, 2012?

CRIS BOURONCLE AFP/GETTY IMAGES Tourists walk around the Kukulcan temple, also known as El Castillo (The Castle), a step pyramid … Continued

Evicting conscience at Occupy Wall Street

Bebeto Matthews AP Police arrest an Occupy Wall Street protester at Zuccotti Park on Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011 in New … Continued

Tim Tebow endorses ‘Tebowing’

“#Tebowing – to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something … Continued

Justice Scalia speaks for himself on death penalty, not the Catholic Church

Lisa Miller That Justice Antonin Scalia believes in execution as a moral form of punishment is a well-known fact. That … Continued

A Buddhist perspective on the death penalty

On Sept. 28, the state of Florida executed Manuel Valle after he spent 33 years on death row. On Sept. … Continued

The religious roots of Iran’s rivalry with Saudi Arabia

SHAUN HEASLEY REUTERS Then Saudi Arabian Foreign Policy Advisor Adel-Al-Jubeir gestures during a press conference in response to U.S. engineer … Continued

Nobel Peace Prize 2011: Peace is women’s work

Nobel Peace Prize 2011 L – Tawakkul Karman – Getty Images C – Leymah Gbowee – Reuters R – Ellen … Continued

Troy Davis: Beyond ‘an eye for an eye’?

ERIK S. LESSER AFP/GETTY IMAGES A demonstrator pauses while calling for Georgia state officials to halt the scheduled execution of … Continued

‘For Troy Davis, we pray to the Lord’

Jessica McGowan GETTY IMAGES NAACP Georgia State President Edward DuBose, Rev. Raphael Warnock and Campaign Director with Amnesty International Laura … Continued

Conservative Christian reaction to Norway killings

 Two threads seem to be emerging from conservative Christians writing about the Norway killings: Anders Behring Breivi wasn’t really a … Continued

Why May 21, 2011 isn’t the end of the world

Jim Reed AP Lydia Mallett, left, and John Junstrom spread the word in Tampa, Fla., on Thursday, May 19, 2011 … Continued