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Faith Can Move Mountains (and Cancer Cells)

In the wake of trauma, ask yourself, “Is your God big enough to hold your sorrow?”

5 Spiritual Lessons I Learned Battling Breast Cancer . . . Twice

I resolved to surrender control and allow God to have His way — in and through two cancer diagnoses.

Death Sucks (But Not For the Reason You Think)

The real reason death sucks? It ruins God’s original intent.

10 Things You Should Never (Ever) Say to Someone with Cancer

Here are some ill-advised things people have said to me as I’ve been battling cancer.

Bruce Feiler: Why We Need to Take Pilgrimages

The best-selling author of “Walking the Bible” believes in the power of travel.

How Cancer Gave My Ministry New Meaning

In moments like these you realize it isn’t about you, but magnifying Christ and his story of rescue.

Whose Fault Is it if You Don’t Like “The Fault in Our Stars”?

Perhaps there’s no accounting for taste, but how much value you get from a book depends on what you bring to it.

My Life Depended on the Very Act of Writing

How I was saved by writing about God and cancer.

The Jesus in Mary Jane

Meeting my pot-smoking neighbors taught me to take Jesus more seriously.