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Abortion Never-Neverland

Catholics are against abortion, so it stands to reason that Catholic Charities, an official service agency of the Church, would … Continued

Why I Took Holy Communion

I took Holy Communion at Tim Russert’s funeral mass. I am not a Catholic. I wrote about it for “On … Continued

Sally Quinn’s Communion: Good Intentions, Poor Judgment

Sally Quinn’s decision to take Communion at Tim Russert’s funeral represented both the best of pluralism and interfaith outreach and … Continued

Roman Catholicism: Sally Was Right, But….

Sally Quinn has set herself up as a sure target, a conscious challenge, and a possible model. For all three, … Continued

Is Obama a Secret Catholic?

Barack Obama’s July 1 speech in Zanesville, Ohio, suggested a “secret” connection to Catholicism. I say “secret” because Obama has … Continued

Believing Outside the Box

An ancient Roman Catholic mission church marks the center of town on the Zuni reservation in New Mexico. It was … Continued

Will McCain Stand Up to Prejudice?

“Has it really gotten this bad?” my wife said to me as we listened to NPR yesterday morning while getting … Continued

When Bishops Fight

Cardinal Roger Mahony invoked Canon Law to ban Auxiliary Bishop Geoffrey Robinson of Australia from speaking on Church property in … Continued

Latin Days are Here Again?

(Written for Newsweek.) Is Pope Benedict XVI determined to restore the Latin Mass that many Catholics thought had been consigned … Continued

When Popes Go Too Far

Serving “the Lord rather than men” (Ephesians 6:7) has gifted the Church with martyrs dying for the faith and heroes … Continued

St. Joseph, Model for Fathers

Catholics are distinguished from most other Christians by devotion to the saints. This Fathers’ Day, as on others, St. Joseph … Continued

Hagee and the “Whore of Babylon”

Editor’s Note: Correction: Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, has not declared himself a supporter of any presidential candidate, … Continued

Catholic League Shenanigans

The Catholic League is not the “All Catholic” League. It is not official Catholicism: still less does it speak for … Continued

Approving Catholic Commencement Speakers

Each year, the choice of commencement speakers and honorees becomes an occasion for debate about the religious identity of many … Continued

Going to Church in Abu Dhabi

When I told my in-laws that their daughter and I were moving to the Middle East, it was exactly what … Continued

Church — Not God — Excludes Women from Priesthood

God’s revelation cannot be blamed for ordaining only men and excluding women: it is simply a Church practice that can … Continued

Pope Rebuilding After Bad Start

The Pope has begun to build bridges with the Islamic world after a disastrous start, but, despite his attempts to … Continued

The 800 Pound Gorilla in the Sanctuary

On balance, the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United States achieved its basic goals of stating remorse for … Continued

Benedict’s Choice Is No Choice

The Question: In his speech to U.S. bishops last week, Pope Benedict XVI said: “Any tendency to treat religion as … Continued

Benedict a Man of Conviction, Contradiction

Thinking back on last week with the Pope it struck me that he was, like the words in the old … Continued