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Pro-life Crowd Happy to See Spitzer Go

Eliot Spitzer’s predicament and resignation are viewed as well-deserved by the pro-life, traditional values crowd. Like the stock brokers on … Continued

McCain’s Incendiary Supporter

The squabble surrounding San Antonio televangelist John Hagee’s endorsement of Republican presidential hopeful John McCain reminds me of why there … Continued

Missing Catholics

Approximately one-third of the Pew survey respondents who were raised Catholic no longer describe themselves as Catholic. Catholics should take … Continued

Losing My Religion, American Style

How are we to interpret the Pew survey that more than a quarter of adult Americans have left the faith … Continued

The American Spiritual Bazaar: Something For Everyone

The Pew Forum’s survey of the American religious landscape, with its finding that one out of four Americans have switched … Continued

The U.S. is Post-Denominational

It is clear from this Pew study that the old denominational affiliations no longer apply. The religious landscape in the … Continued

Raining on the Antichrist Parade

Last week I was equated with the Antichrist. The accusation was predictable, as was the semi-hysterical tone that lay behind … Continued

No Need for Separate Legal Systems

As much as I respect the Archbishop of Canterbury, I do not favor U.S. law making room for sharia or … Continued

Living Shari`a in the West

In a dense 6,200-word address to the Royal Courts of Justice, Archbishop Rowan Williams hoped to initiate a scholarly discussion … Continued

Missionaries: I’ll Pass, Thanks.

The leaders of Conservative Judaism, the movement that I grew up in and still affiliate with, currently have their knickers … Continued

One Incarnation is Enough to Save the World

One of the pleasures about being a Catholic is the treasure of theology. It enables people of faith to know … Continued

The Great (Caffeine-Free) Wilderness

We want to follow God to the depths of caffeine detox. Or do we? Lord, help me.

Religious Leaders Also Need Leaders

Religious leaders can make a huge difference to the people in their communities- you have only to see how dearly … Continued

Looking for Authority and Respect

Archbishop Christodoulos and Gordon Hinckley were both church leaders who commanded enormous respect. Both were members of denominations that are … Continued

Jesus Christ with an MBA

Our expectations of religious leaders are often unrealistic. When describing the characteristics desired in a Catholic bishop it often sounds … Continued

Bigger, Badder, Better?

Can efficiency in warfare be a Christian mandate?

A Smarter Path for Pro-Lifers

Every American has the legal right to propose an amendment to the U.S. Constitution for any reason they want. Every … Continued

A Jesuit’s Perspective on Abortion

“Thou shalt not kill,’ not kill yourself, not kill time (because it belongs to God), not kill trust, not kill … Continued

Only One Truly Deadly Sin

There is no “gradation” of sin in Scripture. The notion of “seven deadly sins” is not a product of biblical … Continued

Nine Choirs Praying Twice

I was rapping Sr. Mary Clarence’s Salve Regina before I knew how to translate those words.