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Francis, the peace pope

Francis’ anti-war rhetoric is quickly earning him a unique place in papal history.

Pope Francis pleads for peace in Syria while prominent Catholic lawmakers support military action

Despite the pope’s plea to put down arms, many Catholic politicians are making a different argument about morality of warfare, particularly around the obligation to use force, when necessary, to protect innocent life.

Francis, a pope for all Catholics (especially Millennials)

Francis’ papacy is cause for Catholics, especially millennials, to bring back the word “papist.”

Rick Santorum: ‘More Catholic than a conservative’?

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Newt Gingrich: a Catholic running against Islam?

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Activist: Many Maryland Catholics support same-sex marriage, extending legal protections to all families

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The right to Episcopal authority

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Getting Linker’s “Religious Test” wrong

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Lots of preaching, little governing

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Catholics don’t want to be told how to vote

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When bishops go rogue

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Archbishop Condemns Obama Administration’s “Culture of Death”

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Local Bishops Skip National Catholic Breakfast

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Randall Terry’s Unexpected Enemies

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The Church, the Death Penalty and Abortion

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Something New in the Abortion Debate

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Biden vs. Bishops: Should Democrats Panic? Pray?

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Biden Not the Faith-Based Answer

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Spiritual Mentors a Must for 2008

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Pope’s Message Mixed, Missed

Pope Benedict XVI may have been flying to Brazil and speaking about Mexico City, but his in-flight words to reporters … Continued