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Supernatural skeptics don’t know what they’re missing

I have frequently used Ouija boards and spirit boxes in my performances, attempting to conjure up the dead before a live audience.

Late-night cross-country prayers help a mother find solace, faith

CRANFORD, N.J. — Every Friday at 2 a.m. JoAnne Whalen’s cell-phone alarm goes off and the 60-year-old wakes up in … Continued

Why marriage matters

Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg News The U.S. Supreme Court is poised to rule on two cases about marriage. But regardless … Continued

This is what adults do

NEW YORK — It was a week for grown-ups. When Republican partisans lambasted New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for collaborating … Continued

From God’s Hand, a Single Woman’s Adoption Journey

Courtesy of Sandy Tidwell Sandy Tidwell and her children. It was in January 2002 when my adoption adventure began. As … Continued

The one bright light in Tampa

TAMPA, Fla. — Two forces of nature are bearing down on Tampa this week. One, Tropical Storm Isaac, is thought … Continued

NATO’s peace?

Spencer Platt GETTY IMAGES Hundreds of protesters, many affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street movement, demonstrate on the second day … Continued

Sikhs launch app to report profiling

Sikh civil rights activists will unveil a mobile phone application next week (April 30) that they say will allow travelers … Continued

Can young evangelicals move beyond the Religious Right?

Brandon Thibodeaux GETTY IMAGES A cross necklace hangs in front of a worshipper’s American flag t-shirt as she participates in … Continued

Mississippi, Vermont score at opposite ends of religious spectrum

WASHINGTON — If you’re searching for the most religious Americans, head to Mississippi. And if you want the opposite, visit … Continued

Report says church giving on the rebound

WASHINGTON — The recession and a sluggish recovery have made for a lighter collection plate in recent years, but a … Continued

Gandhi goes to Wall Street

Spencer Platt GETTY IMAGES Demonstrators opposed to corporate profits on Wall Street march in the Financial District on September 26, … Continued

Israel attacks: Israel summer gives way to Arab Spring

Dan Balilty AP Israeli soldiers secure the area near a road block formed by security forces on roads leading to … Continued

Are we what we Google?

By Elizabeth Tenety Over the weekend, Pope Benedict returned to what has become a familiar theme for the 83-year old … Continued

Ayodhya verdict demands forward-looking focus

Today’s guest blogger is Abhishek Raman, a native of New Delhi, India who works as the Student Leadership Associate at … Continued

Ramadan in a monastery

By Mohammad Ali Salih Almost every year since 9/11 attacks and the US declaration of the Global War on Terrorism … Continued

‘Friending’ the poor

By Rev. Susan Baller-ShepardPresbyterian minister Watch the news and regularly there is an “unveiling” of a new technology. Eating lunch … Continued

The Pope vs. climate change deniers

By John Gehring communications director The recent blizzard of bunk coming from climate change deniers giddy over the recent Snowmageddon … Continued

In defense of Brit Hume

By Daniel DarlingPastor, Gages Lake Bible Church Two years ago I was in the market for a new car. Actually … Continued

Swiss vote against religious freedom

Q: What’s your reaction to Sunday’s decision by voters in Switzerland to ban construction of minarets, the slender towers from … Continued