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GCB: Good Christian hypocrites

It’s the rare TV series that jumps the shark in the first episode. But ABC’s season premiere of its new … Continued

Should Christians believe in soul mates?

Toby Talbot AP Valentines are posted on a storefront Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012 in Montpelier, Vt. “Soul mates are people … Continued

2012: The year when extremism self-destructs?

Chip Somodevilla GETTY IMAGES Doerle Rowley (C) of Bettendorf, Iowa, and hundreds of fellow supporters wait for the arrival of … Continued

Obama’s faith-based initiative still on shaky First Amendment ground

In a widely publicized speech in July 2008, candidate Barack Obama pledged that “if you get a federal grant, you … Continued

The Manhattan Declaration

By Timothy Georgefounding dean, Beeson Divinity School Orthodox, Catholic, and Evangelical leaders have come together to reaffirm fundamental truths about … Continued

The Evolution of Fundamentalism

One of the extraordinary occurrences within American Christianity is the evolution of fundamentalism from doctrine to nomenclature. American Christian “fundamentalism”, … Continued

Huckabee Playing Both Religion Cards

Now that we have examined Mike Huckabee’s views on wifely (and husbandly) submission, it is time to turn to another … Continued

Playful Terror, Ominous Terrorism

Let’s keep Halloween going! It’s scary fun, playful fright, celebrating mysterious perceptions, weirdly satisfying some needs our dailiness obscures. Hallowed-holy … Continued

One Body, Imperfect Parts

To those for whom religious “preference” is of no more consequence than any other lifestyle choice — something like Saab … Continued

The Man Nobody Knows

One of the primary reasons for the historical success of Christianity has been the malleability of the image of the … Continued